Sova's Shock Bolts Can Kill Enemy From Insanely Long Range

Nutan Lele
11/May/2020 11:32 am

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  • Sova's Shock darts are able to kill enemies from the other side of the map.

Ever since VALORANT entered the beta stage, players have been finding new ways of pushing agents and their abilities to the limit. Who would have thought that Sova, a character usually used to scout information on the enemy while dealing moderate damage, would be able to take instant kills with his Shock Bolts, that too from the other side of the map!

In this clip we see Sova killing enemies with 2 well-placed shock darts. He shoots 2 shock darts from Attacker Side Spawn towards A Lamps and a Sage and an Omen die to Sova’s darts. Each bolt does up to 90 damage, enough to kill an unarmoured enemy agent. Unlike Counter-Strike, Valorant’s lack of skyboxes means you can pull off long-range plays like this with enough practice and map awareness.

To replicate the same, players would have to line up both shots of Shock Bolts on the same spot with a small time difference. This enables both the arrows to land at the same spot, one after the other, dealing maximum damage and helping the user secure the kill.

The beta games for VALORANT have also led to some other interesting finds such as an exploit that turns Cypher's spycam into a remote turret. There’s also one that increases your fire rate so much with the pump-action shotgun that it allows you to chain shots without any pause to reload. 


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