Peruvian Player Suspended by Latam Defenders for Using Racial Slurs

Rakshak Kathuria
11/Mar/2021 10:06 am

Peruvian player, Aretes, has been suspended until further notice by his team Latam Defenders for using racial slurs against Black N Yellow player, Jubei, in a pub match.
Aretes is banned from competing in the remainder of the BTS Pro Series Season 5: Americas and will also not be receiving any of his team's prize earnings for the event.
Jubei was at the receiving end of racist comments in February 2021 as well when SA player, Faker, made racist remarks and abused him.

Peruvian player, Aretes, has been suspended by his team, Latam Defenders, until further notice for using racist remarks against Black N Yellow player, Andrew "Jubei" Evelyn in a pub match. Dota 2 commentator/ host, Andrew "Zyori" Campbell was one of the first to call out Jeanpierre Rivera "Aretes" Perez, attaching screenshots of his racist comments in a Twitter post. In addition to Latam Defenders, Beyond the Summit (BTS) has also banned the Peruvian player from competing in the remainder of their ongoing tournament, BTS Pro Series Season 5: Americas. However, the team has been allowed to use a stand-in replacement. 

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Latam Defenders player, Aretes, reprimanded for displaying racist behavior.

Uploading screenshots from Jubei’s stream where the Canadian player was seemingly at the receiving end of the racist comments, Zyori asked Latam Defenders if they tolerated racism from their players. He also questioned if there are any DPC rules in place for racism incidents. 

Soon after, Latam Defenders, announced they had suspended their position five player, Aretes, until further notice, as they “reject any act of discrimination, racism, or unsporting behavior.” The organization also mentioned that they would continue monitoring this incident and taking all the required actions to prevent this from happening again. 

Aretes' suspension by Latam DefendersAretes' suspension by Latam Defenders.
Image Via Latam Defenders Twitter
BTS then not only barred the Peruvian player’s further participation in the BTS Pro Series Season 5: Americas but also announced that he would not “receive any of his team's prize earnings for the event.”

In the series against PentAce on March 11, 2021, Latam Defenders played with former Team Unknown’s player, Junior Reyes "Yadomi" Rimari, as a replacement for Aretes.

Who are Aretes and Jubei?

Aretes is a support player from Peru who has previously played for SA teams like Incubus Club, Omega Gaming and most recently, Latam Defenders. On the other hand, Jubei hails from Canada and is currently playing for the NA team, Black N Yellow. He is a veteran in the Dota 2 professional scene and has also coached NA team Immortals in 2017-18. 

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This is not the first time that Jubei has been at the receiving end of racist remarks, as in February 2021, SA player Eliseo "Faker" Arancibia (also known as "Kxy"), abused and hurled racist comments at the Canadian in a pub match. 


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