EU Lower Division Team Disqualified for Forging COVID-19 Certificate

Rakshak Kathuria
18/Feb/2021 04:39 am

The EU 2021 DPC Season 1: Lower Division team, burjui, has been disqualified from the tournament after forging COVID-19 certificate.
DreamLeague mentioned that burjui had asked for a stand-in after using the maximum limit for substitutes in a season by stating that one of their players was positive with COVID-19. This was later found to be false.
burjui and Meta4Pro, who withdrew from the tournament two days back after internal matchfixing investigations, will now be replaced in the next DPC season since they finish in the bottom two.

European team, burjui, which is competing in the EU 2021 DPC Season 1: Lower Division, has been disqualified from the tournament after it was found they had forged a COVID-19 certificate. DreamLeague, who is the tournament operator behind the DPC league in EU, announced this through their website and social media handles, stating that all of burjui’s matches in the league have now been voided. This disqualification comes a day after another team competing in the EU 2021 DPC Season 1: Lower Division, Meta4Pro, had withdrawn from the tournament after they found in an internal investigation that their player(s) were involved in match fixing.

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burjui removed from EU Lower Division after showing fake COVID-19 certificate 

DreamLeague, while explaining the entire incident, stated that forging a COVID-19 certificate was a breach of tournament rules and as a result, they had no option but to suspend burjui from the EU 2021 DPC Season 1: Lower Division.

“The team recently requested to officially replace one of their players after using a substitute for the maximum allowance of four matches per season, stating medical reasons and provided a medical document of a positive COVID-19 test result. In special circumstances, an emergency transfer could be allowed upon reviewing the case and the provided documents.

The information to request the emergency transfer conflicted with previous information provided by the team and triggered an investigation. During the course of the investigation, we asked for additional information and evidence to clarify the situation to which the team declined. At the same time, the positive COVID-19 test result was inspected and its authenticity checked, and it was discovered that the document was forged.”

From the stand-ins burjui used in the four out of the five series they played until now, it looks like the COVID-19 certificate was forged for their midlaner, Flacs. After participating in the first series against Brame, Flacs was replaced by the popular streamer, Mihai "canceL^^" Antonio, in burjui’s next three series. In their fifth and last series, cancel^^ was replaced by Turkish midlaner, Selim "Neqroman" Oynar, as he played as a stand-in for Flacs. 

As per DreamLeague’s statement, burjui must have asked them to allow their team to play with a stand-in for flacs in their remaining two series as well by showing a fake COVID-19 certificate since Valve rules only allow up to four series with a stand-in. However, since they got caught meddling, they are now out of the tournament. 

Burjui had been able to reach the EU 2021 DPC Season 1: Lower Division by winning the Open Qualifier #1.

Their Dota 2 roster at the start of the tournament consisted of the following players:

  1. Bektur "Runec" Kulov
  2. Flacs
  3. Risto "Ouker" Kakkonen
  4. Aleksey "Killomancer" Kostenevich
  5. Atoufix
EU 2021 DPC Season 1: Lower Division points tableMeta4Pro and burjui are the two teams who will now be replaced by two teams from the open qualifiers in the next DPC season.
Image Via Liquipedia
A major implication of burjui’s matches becoming void is the fact that Brame, who lost their series against them, Creepwave who still had to play them, have now been granted a free win. This disqualification has turned the tables in the Lower Division as five teams now have a solid chance of finishing in the top two and playing in the EU Upper Division in season 2.


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