DJ Talks About TNC and T1's Chances at a Major Spot

Rakshak Kathuria
3/Feb/2021 05:53 am

Fnatic's captain, DJ, in a post-match winners' interview, mentioned the top three teams from SEA 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division that could make it to the first Major of the season.
Apart from his own team, DJ felt that TNC and T1 were the top contenders from SEA to make it to the Major. He also talked about the high competitiveness of the teams in the SEA region.
Fnatic is currently unconquered in the tournament. Their next series will be against BOOM Esports on February 3.

Fnatic’s captain, Djardel Jicko B. "DJ" Mampusti, mentioned the teams from SEA 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division that could make it to the first Major of the season. DJ stated that TNC Predator was always a top contender to secure a top three spot that guarantees a spot in the Major. DJ stated that Kuku’s team, T1, was strong and had a solid chance of making it to the Major. The Filipino also felt that SEA teams were more competitive than ever in the ongoing tournament. 

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DJ mentions the teams from SEA that could reach the first Major of 2021 DPC Season 1

In the post-match winners’ interview after Fnatic’s win over Execration on January 27, DJ was asked the top contenders from SEA for the Major spot, excluding his own team to which he responded,

“I mean TNC is always there. I think they are still a strong team even though they lost the first series against Execration. T1, for me, as well. Kuku’s team is very strong as well. I actually don’t know the third one because all the teams in SEA are like equally strong.”

DJ then also talked about the competitiveness of the SEA teams in the tournament.  

“I think the SEA region right now, the hero pools are on point on the meta. Like there is Wisp, there are a lot of heroes that are good picked in SEA like Wraith King, a lot of good heroes and yeah I think SEA region right now is really competitive, more than before.” 

The panelists present during the interview also agreed with DJ’s line of thought as they stated that they were enjoying the drafts since they were on meta. 

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Points table of SEA-DPC 2021 S1If Fnatic manage to win the series against BOOM Esports tomorrow, they will take the lead in the points table of SEA-DPC 2021 S1.
Fnatic has had a smooth start to their DPC campaign as they remain undefeated with wins in both of their series. Their next matchup is scheduled for tomorrow, February 3, against BOOM Esports.

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