"No[o]ne and RAMZES666 will potentially come to Solo's team soon", says fng

Rakshak Kathuria
1/Feb/2021 01:19 pm

No[o]ne and RAMZES666 might potentially join Solo's new team, for 2021 DPC Season 2, according to Alliance Support fng
He stated that both No[o]ne and RAMZES666 are the strongest players in CIS and there is a demand of strong players in the region.
Solo, No[o]ne and RAMZES666 last played together for Just Error in December 2020 after which they disbanded after a disappointing performance in EPIC League.

Vladimir "No[o]ne" Minenko and Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev, might potentially be joining Solo’s team, NoTechies, for the next DPC season, as per Alliance’s support player, Artsiom "fng" Barshak. Fng mentioned that whether or not these players like to play with each other, there is no denying the fact that both No[o]ne and RAMZES666 are the strongest players in CIS and there is a demand of strong players in the region. Fng talked about this in a streaming session on Twitch. 

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Fng talks about the Possibility of No[o]ne and RAMZES666 Teaming Up

Fng in his personal stream spoke that No[o]ne and RAMZES666 might be reuniting with their former teammate, Solo, in his new team, NoTechies for 2021 DPC Season 2.  

“No[o]ne will make it with someone [on TI]. I think No[o]ne and Ramzes are potentially coming to Solo's team soon - probably for the next [DPC season]. Maybe not. Either way, they are some of the strongest players in the CIS - like it or not. Strong players are in demand. It is a matter of ambition - maybe they simply do not want to play in the CIS. That's for them to decide, I can't judge for them.”

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Solo, No[o]ne and RAMZES666 have played Dota 2 together for a long time. The three players were a part of the iconic squad from 2016-19 before the team parted ways with RAMZES666 after a disappointing finish at TI9. However, during this tenure, they won three Major Championships and finished top six at TI7 and TI8. 

The three players reunited in the form of Just Error in November 2020 where they were joined by SumaiL and Zayac. However, a dispiriting showing at EPIC League resulted in the stack getting disbanded.

Just Error lineupDespite having one of the finest Dota 2 players on board, Just Error was unable to showcase the desired performance as a team.
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While Solo along with Zayac was able to find and make up a team for the 2021 DPC Season 1 in the CIS region, No[o]ne and RAMZES666 were unable to do so. A rumor had emerged at the beginning of January 2021 that SumaiL And RAMZES666 had teamed up for the DPC season but had failed to apply in time. However, no communication was made by either of them regarding this rumor. 

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Fng and Solo are currently playing in the 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division for Alliance and NoTechies respectively. No[o]ne and RAMZES666 will now possibly be seen in 2021 DPC Season 2 which is scheduled to kickstart in April 2021, possibly with Solo in NoTechies.  


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