Neon Upsets TNC to Win Their Third Consecutive Series In SEA-DPC 2021 S1

Rakshak Kathuria
30/Jan/2021 01:16 pm

Neon Esports beats TNC Predator 2-1 in a very close contest to win its third consecutive series of SEA-DPC 2021 S1.
TNC, on the other hand, is struggling in the tournament with two losses in three series. Their next matchup is scheduled against T1 on February 6.
Neon who sits on top of the points table will play its next series against Execration on February 6.

Neon Esports defeated TNC Predator 2-1 in the SEA DPC League S1 after a very grueling series that saw a hype battle between the two Filipino squads in the BO3 match. This is a huge upset victory for Neon Esports who race to the top of the SEA DPC League S1 points table, after winning three series in a row. TNC Predator will be gutted as they settle in the lower half of the table with just a single win and two losses. Gabbi and Co. will need to buckle up and go on one heck of a run if they hope to overturn this deficit and make it to the first Major of the season.

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Neon beats TNC to stay undefeated in SEA-DPC 2021 S1

We saw some stellar Upper Division action in SEA-DPC 2021 S1 in the first series of the day between Neon and TNC as the former grabbed its third win of the tournament in a row. 

Upper Division standings of SEA-DPC 2021 S1 after Neon's win over TNCUpper Division standings of SEA-DPC 2021 S1 after Neon's win over TNC.
Game 1 witnessed Neon completely run over TNC in the first 20 minutes. Yopaj was a beast on Templar Assassin as she had insane timings on Blink Dagger and Desolator, which helped the team kill the first Roshan at just 11 minutes. Gabbi’s Arc Warden could deter the game, but Neon was too farmed on all its heroes as they ended it in 48 minutes. 

Game 2 was an absolute thriller as Natsumi-’s Medusa pursued to carry Neon 1v5. The game could go in in either team’s advantage event at the 40-minute mark. However, Medusa had too much to accomplish as even a Divine Rapier could not fulfill the purpose. This time, Gabbi delivered an impeccable performance on Morphling as TNC won the second game in 54 minutes.

Game 3 saw some top-notch gameplay from Neon as they had a perfect understanding of their hero power spikes and item timings. They executed their draft better than TNC as Natsumi- got all the space to farm and become a formidable force for Neon. He had three lives with an Aegis and became unkillable, winning his team the third game in 37 minutes.

Neon Esports is looking solid in the tournament as all of their victories have come against strong teams like BOOM Esports, 496 Gaming, and TNC Predator. They now sit on top of the points table and look to be the prime contender for finishing in the top 3, which secures them a spot in the first Major of the season. Their next series will be held against Execration on February 6.

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Region favorites, TNC’s two losses in three series is a cause of concern, considering that the team only plays 7 BO3s to determine if they make it to the playoffs. Their form and performance in the tournament are looking rusty compared to their standards. They will have to push the bar considering they still have to play against the top teams. One can expect a comeback in their next matchup, which will be against T1 on February 6. 


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