Fnatic Moves to the Top Spot in SEA-DPC 2021 S1

Rakshak Kathuria
27/Jan/2021 01:54 pm

Fnatic beats Execration 2-0 in a very convincing manner in the Upper Division of SEA-DPC 2021 S1.
With this win, Fnatic has moved to the top of the points table in the tournament, courtesy of its victories over T1 and Execration.
Fnatic will play its next series against BOOM Esports on February 3.

DJ and his boys are looking strong in the Upper Division of SEA-DPC 2021 S1 as they have registered their second consecutive series win. Fnatic just defeated Execration 2-0 in a straightforward series and now finds itself sitting on top of the teams' standings in the tournament. 

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Fnatic outclasses Execration in SEA-DPC 2021 S1

Widely considered the favorites to win the SEA-DPC 2021 S1, Fnatic and TNC displayed some top-notch Dota 2 gameplay today as they won their respective series. While TNC defeated Vice Esports in the first one, Fnatic overpowered Execration in the second series.

Upper Division standings of SEA-DPC 2021 S1 after Fnatic's win over Execration.Upper Division standings of SEA-DPC 2021 S1 after Fnatic's win over Execration.
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Game 1 between Fnatic and Execration saw a very chaotic game as both teams engaged in constant fighting in the mid-game. Since Fnatic had won the laning phase by a considerable margin, they always got the better of these teamfights. Execration held onto the game for most of the game, thanks to their opponents' over aggression in some brawls. However, Fnatic's cores had become too strong to throw the game as they won it in 38 minutes.

Game 2 witnessed Fnatic picking up a mid Riki for Moon while Raven was put on a safe lane Io. While the laning matchups were superior for Execration, and they got the better of their enemies in the first 10 minutes, some bad teamfight engagements saw them letting go of that lead. Fnatic patiently waited for the item timings on their cores and was on the aggressor as soon as they hit those timings. Execration just got ran over and picked off constantly in the middle stages and eventually lost the game in 28 minutes.

With wins over T1 and Execration, Fnatic finds itself stationed at the number one spot in the points table. They showcased the high tier of Dota they are known for and look set for a top-three spot, which grants them a spot in the first Major of the 2021 DPC season. They play their next series against BOOM Esports on February 3. 

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Unfortunately for Execration, it could not replicate its heroics from the win against TNC last week. Despite good drafts, the team could not deliver strong performances in both the matches and got outclassed by a better team. However, relatively easier matchups await the Filipinos as they play their next series against Vice Esports on February 3.  


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