China's DPC 2021: S1 is Open to Spectators

Rakshak Kathuria
18/Jan/2021 04:08 pm

The Chinese Regional League S1 that began earlier today is open to spectators.
Perfect World which is the operator of the DPC in the region released a set of photos which showcased live audience and a host of other cool visuals.

The 2021 DPC season kickstarted earlier today with the Lower Division matches in all six regions. Chinese Regional League tournament operator, Perfect World released a set of photos on Twitter that showed spectators attending the event.

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Perfect World has the 2021 DPC season in China open to spectators

The much anticipated 2021 DPC season has finally been set in motion in all six regions. China is the only region to host the season in an offline format where spectators are also allowed. 

Perfect World posted the LAN setting images on Twitter earlier today, revealing greats views of the stunning theme-based studio plus spectators watching Dota 2 matches after a long time.

The event is being held at the Yangpu Binjiang Shipyard in Shanghai. A couple of Lower Division series took place on the first day, which the audience watched. While Phoenix Gaming defeated Dalanjing Gaming 2-1 in the first series, Sparkling Arrow Gaming registered an upset over Royal Never Give Up by beating them 2-0. 

As evident from the images, not a lot of spectators are seen watching these games. Considering it is just the first day of a long Regional League season and the best teams competing in the Upper Division are yet to place, several viewers will potentially start pouring with time. Also, the protocols of the pandemic might restrict the number of spectators. 

This is not the first time China is holding a LAN event since the offline events were halted in March 2020. China Dota 2 Pro Cup S1 was the first tournament that was held offline in September-October 2020. Since then, some more Chinese tournaments were held on LAN, which involved only a small number of spectators, according to the pandemic guidelines. 

The community is also lauding Perfect World for the beautiful setup of the event. Not only has the decor been stunning, but there has also been a cosplay show, a Dota 2 themed vending machine, an autograph session, and some amazing Dota 2 hero cosmetics. The operator also organized an opening ceremony, which was held earlier today. 

All the cool stuff that they have organized can be viewed on their Twitter handle. The operator also made a document listing down why one should watch DPC-CN, which can be viewed here.

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All other regions currently holding their respective Regional Leagues online will also be hoping to get back to the LAN setting as soon as possible. 


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