Four Teams That Were Disqualified From DPC 2021 S1

Rakshak Kathuria
15/Jan/2021 11:33 am

The 2021 DPC season has witnessed four teams getting disqualified due to various issues.
VISdota and Team Assault from SEA, It's Okay and VirtusProPolar from NA have been disqualified from the DPC.

The 2021 DPC season has not been all upbeat, as several issues have hampered its smooth functioning. One of these has been the disqualification of teams due to several reasons, causing the community to question the integrity of the qualifiers. 

Mentioned below are four teams that were disqualified from the DPC Qualifiers due to various issues, including account sharing, amongst other reasons.

Teams Disqualified From DPC 2021

1. VISdota (SEA)

This new team from Malaysia found itself in deep trouble in the DPC-SEA qualifiers when it used the Valve-banned player, Deska. On January 5, Valve had issued a lifetime ban to Deska and three other players who were a part of the Avengerls roster reportedly involved in a match fixing scandal at StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3 China Qualifier in a match against Newbee. 

Despite this decision, the Malaysian squad went on to play with Deska in the SEA open qualifier  #1 that they won, granting them a spot in the closed qualifier. However, PGL soon announced that VISdota had been disqualified from SEA Open Qualifiers #3 on January 7 due to playing with Deska.

VISdota’s roster at the time of disqualification:

  1. Unknown-
  2. Jungyong88 (Deska)
  3. Nevermine
  4. Czy
  5. TrazaM

A third-place decider in the Open Qualifiers #4 was held for VISdota’s replacement, which was won by the Mongolian squad, Lilgun. 

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2. Team Assault (SEA)

Another shocking revelation by the tournament operator, PGL, came in yesterday when it announced that Team Assault had been disqualified from the Lower Division of DPC-SEA for “account sharing.”

Account sharing occurs when a player asks some other player (usually a professional( to play in your account, in competitive matches. This is usually against the terms of the tournament or the qualifiers.

The playing roster of Team Assault (at least on paper) was:

  1. keNness
  2. Kayh
  3. Gy
  4. JoHnNy (Former Fnatic player)
  5. rayy

Army Geniuses have replaced team Assault in the Lower Division of the SEA Regional League. 

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3. It's Okay (NA)

The latest team to get eliminated from the DPC 2021 is It’s Okay. Beyond the Summit revealed yesterday that the team had competed on alternate accounts in multiple DPC regions. It’s Okay had managed to win the Open Qualifier #2 and book a spot in the Lower Division via the closed qualifier. 

However, they now stand disqualified from the first season of the NA-DPC 2021 and will be replaced by the runner-ups of Open Qualifier #4. The series is likely to be held tonight. 

It’s Okay's roster at the time of disqualification:

  1. Ifrit
  2. Esk
  3. Sword
  4. Niqua
  5. KKT

4. VirtusProPolar (NA)

VirtusProPolar was disqualified from NA-DPC 2021 Open Qualifier #1 for the unauthorized use of a stand-in. The team had been able to win this first round of open qualifiers and move to the closed one, but they were removed from the closed qualifier due to this decision. 

As a result, Open Qualifier #2 had a third-place decider to determine their replacement, which Electronic Boys won.

VirtusProPolar’s current roster:

  1. Alba the Hero
  3. Duffy
  4. 16 Hours
  5. Sensibility

Since they were barred from competing only in the first round of open qualifiers, the team participated again in the fourth and last round. Unfortunately, they could not make it to the closed qualifier.

However, since It's Okay was disqualified earlier today from Division 2, VirtusProPolar will now have one more chance to reach the Lower Division. They will have to win their series against felt to be a part of the S1 of the NA Regional League.

The qualifiers for the DPC 2021 S1 has been riddled with difficulties relating to team disqualifications and criticism of tournament operators in various aspects. Dota 2 fans will hope that all these issues get resolved before the main Regional League kicks off on January 18. 


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