Alliance and Qualify To Upper Division Of EU-DPC 2021 S1

Rakshak Kathuria
10/Jan/2021 07:05 am

Alliance and become the first teams from the Decider Tournament of EU-DPC 2021 S1 to book a spot in the Upper Division.
Two more teams move to Upper Division which will be the winner of mudgolems vs Hippomaniacs and Chicken Fighters vs Hellbear Smashers.
The remaining four teams in this Decider Tournament will qualify to the Lower Division. The main Regional League is set to begin on January 18.

Arguably the top two teams in the Decider Tournament of EU-DPC 2021 S1, Alliance and have become the first two teams to reach the Upper Division. They defeated mudgolems and Chicken Fighters respectively and now join an elite group of squads. 

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Game 1 witnessed draft a cheese last pick for BOOM in Broodmother. Unfortunately for them, the game did not pan out as they hoped as their heroes were hunted all over the map. They tried their best to prolong the match but Chicken Fighters with their calculative yet aggressive moves ended it in 40 minutes.

Game 2 saw play a quick game as they had a Bounty Hunter and a mid-game centric draft. Chicken Fighters had no answers to their aggression as they lost Game 2 in just 26 minutes.

Game 3 was an even bigger stomp by as they decimated enemy heroes. With a Bounty Hunter and an Io-Slark duo, they ran around the map like madmen killing heroes. The match ended in just 25 minutes with a scoreline of 36-6 in’s favour as they took the series 2-1.

Alliance Beats mudgolems In A Very Close Series At Decider Tournament Of EU-DPC 2021

Game 1 saw Alliance dismantle the side of mudgolems in all the three lanes which put them in the driver's set in the early stages of the game. Alliance kept the tempo going as they focused on getting down the objectives. A Rampage by Limmp at 32 minutes was the highlight of the game as they easily cruised to victory in 37 minutes. 

Game 2 was a neck and neck contest. While Alliance had the lead for the majority of the game, they were unable to fully commit to mudgolems' high ground which provided enough time for Skiter to accumulate a number of items on Anti-Mage. 33, though, was the real hero for mudgolems as his spell casting was immaculate on Dark Seer and he had more last hits than even Anti-Mage by the end of the game. mudgolems grew too strong in the latter stages and Nikobaby's last hurrah to pull off a Divine Rapier comeback failed which led to the game end in mudgolems' favour in 53 minutes.

Game 3 was another engrossing game as Alliance almost let go another substantial lead. Skiter was a beast on Phantom Assassin with a Double Divine Rapier as he pwned heroes into oblivion. Alliance's decision to not buy MKBs on their cores was backfiring heavily but once Nikobaby and S4 got them, PA was easy to kill. mudgolems, unfortunately, did not have any other core as strong as PA as all eggs were put into her basket. Once PA lost both the Rapiers, Alliance ended the game in 57 minutes. 

The European Upper Division with six out of eight teams determined already looks to be an amazing and highly competitive group.

  1. Team Secret
  2. Team Liquid
  3. Team Nigma
  4. OG
  5. Alliance

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Two more teams which will be the winner of mudgolems vs Hippomaniacs and Chicken Fighters vs Hellbear Smashers are going to join these teams in the Upper Division. The remaining four teams will be relegated to the Lower Division. All these outcomes will be determined today, January 10 while the main Regional League is scheduled to begin on January 18. 


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