Adroit Esports Are Looking Strong At Dota Summit 13

Rakshak Kathuria
23/Oct/2020 12:58 pm

Among Us draw their series against Adroit Esports 1-1
While Adroit Esports won Game 1 easily, Game 2 was an interesting one which Among Us barely won as the game came down to buybacks status.
Among Us sit on top of the table with 2 wins and 1 draw out of 3 series and play their next match tomorrow against TNC Predator.

After dismantling their opponents in their first two series, Among Us faced some formidable competition from a revamped squad of Adroit Esports. Adroit Esports looked all prepared to face Among Us as they almost beat them 2-0 but some overextensions in the second game tied up the series 1-1. 

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Among Us Barely Prevent a 2-0 Loss

Adroit Esports was in full control for the major part of the series but a chaotic teamfight in the final moments of the second game turned the map in Among Us' favour. 

Game 1 was a well-rounded draft from both sides as the laning phase also went relatively quiet. But Adroit Esports gradually picked up the pace and won successive fights, thanks to amazing Ravages from Nikko on a tanky offlane Tidehunter. Great following RPs by Magnus and Abyssals from Troll Warlord ensured they crushed the enemy cores to death. Among Us had no answers to such perfect teamwork as they called GG in 37 minutes.

Game 2 saw Among Us picking a high win rate core in the form of Faceless Void for inYourdreaM while Adroit Esports surprised everybody as they played a safelane Io. The game was equally poised at 35 minutes as Among Us tried to piece the high ground of Adroit Esports with an Aegis on Faceless Void. But some immaculate fighting from Adroit Esports led to an Ultra Kill for the Io as the networth advantage shifted into their favour. Another fight in Among Us’ jungle ended up in Adroit’s favour owing to some smart buyback plays by Io and the offlane Slardar. A final push to secure the Mega creeps proved costly for Adroit Esports as they could not handle 9 heroes with 4 of Among Us’ heroes buying back. With Among Us using all their buybacks together and Adroit Esports using them for different flights, Among Us was able to barely close out the game in 49 minutes before the enemy cores could respawn.

Adroit Esports looked red hot in their performance today as their execution was flawless in team fights. They have thrown their hat in the ring for a Dota Summit 13 title as putting up a show against the likes of Abed, Kuku and March is not an easy task. They will look to continue this good form in a long group stage.

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Among Us have looked decent with their new temporary roster, sitting on top of the table with two wins and one draw out of three series. They will consider this series as a hiccup and look to keep delivering some strong performances so that they win this tournament. Their next match-up against TNC Predator is expected to be a very interesting one considering March was removed from the roster just days ago.


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