PSG.LGD Book a Spot In the Grand Finals of China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1

Rakshak Kathuria
2/Oct/2020 03:20 pm

PSG.LGD defeated Vici Gaming 2-0 to reach the grand finals of China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1.
The team played with a lot of versatility and solid strategy and dropped only a single series on their road to the grand finals.
PSG.LGD will face the winner of Vici Gaming Vs EHOME who play in the lower bracket finals tomorrow.

It looks like PSG.LGD is starting to regain its former glory as they booked a spot in the grand finals of China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1. PSG.LGD defeated Vici Gaming 2-0 comprehensively in the upper bracket finals earlier today, continuing their top form in the tournament. 

PSG.LGD at its Absolute Best!

China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1 was the first showing formost of the Chinese teams impacted by the mega Chinese roster Shuffle. PSG.LGD  emerged to be the finest among the others as they showcased some unorthodox but impactful strategy and gameplay. They dropped only a single series on their road to the grand finals. Though they were placed at 2nd position in the group stages, their form in the finals was simply sublime.  

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PSG.LGD did not drop a single match in their playoff run, first beating EHOME and then Royal Never Give Up. Both were clean 2-0 sweeps.  

The upper bracket series against Vici Gaming was expected to be a highly competitive affair but PSG.LGD just looked like a different team altogether. Even when it looked like the game was slipping off their hands, their execution of the draft was so impeccable that they pulled the match back to their advantage. 

In Game 1, we saw a very clear and well-rounded draft from both sides. PSG.LGD got the better of the laning phase and established a decent networth lead of 5k at 27 minutes into the game. Though the draft was conventional from PSG.LGD, we witnessed a very farm intensive build from Ame, picking up the Aghanim's Scepter after the Battle Fury in a bid to keep pace with the empowered Juggernaut for Vici Gaming. A panicky teamfight by PSG.LGD at the Roshan pit proved to be costly as they got team wiped by Vici Gaming and brought the game to an even position. 

But PSG.LGD being the superior team and Ame on a very fat Monkey King did not allow Vici Gaming to take hold of the game. They identified their power peaks and looked to take Vici Gaming head-on. Vici Gaming had no answers to PSG.LGD’s gameplay and they eventually lost the game in 41 minutes.

In Game 2 as well, the teams had good individual drafts that played around their safe lane carries. PSG.LGD played beautifully throughout the game, creating enough space for their carry, Ame’s Anti-Mage. On the other hand, Faceless Void tried to match the farming capacity of Anti-Mage with a second item Battle Fury but was unable to do so. PSG.LGD picked up the intensity once they got Abyssal Blade on Anti-Mage and started picking off heroes. Vici Gaming tried to counter react with the Phoenix Egg, Witch Doctor’s Death Ward and Chronosphere combo but could not inflict enough damage to win teamfights. PSG.LGD was able to close out the game in 35 minutes and move to the grand finals of the tournament. 

PSG.LGD has looked really versatile in their gameplay as their players have played a number of different heroes. We have witnessed an offlane Troll Warlord, a mid Rubick, Position 4 Monkey King, Faceless Void and Techies. As a matter of fact, Wang "Ame" Chunyu has played 11 different carry heroes in 15 matches until now. They seem to be the most synchronized roster among all the teams in the tournament.

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PSG.LGD will face the winner of Vici Gaming Vs EHOME tomorrow i.e September 3 in the grand finals of the China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1. The tournament is being held on LAN and is the first one since the coronavirus halted offline Dota 2 events.


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