Pansy Takes a Break From Casting CS:GO, Talks About Why She Left

Aditya Singh Rawat
31/Aug/2020 06:49 pm
  • British CS:GO caster Pansy talks about her future as she decides to walk away from Counter-Strike.
  • She lists three reasons because of which she left including having to deal with a toxic community.
  • The caster has turned her focus towards PUBG and more importantly VALORANT. 

British CS:GO caster Lauren "Pansy" Scott who is a former ESL employee has announced her departure from CS:GO for the time being, as she turns her attention towards PUBG and more importantly VALORANT. She spoke at length about the reason behind going ahead with this decision via a TwitLonger post in which she gave three specific reasons, while also revealing why she wants to take up PUBG and possibly even VALORANT.

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Pansy Talks About Her Future Casting In CS:GO

Popular CS:GO caster Pansy who was recently seen working as a commentator at ESL One: Cologne 2020 Online - Europe has said that it was an “incredibly special and also slightly terrifying” tournament for her. It could also possibly be her last CS:GO event ever as a caster as she speaks about what she plans to do in the future.

Pansy goes on to reveal the reasons that drove her to leave CS:GO and turn her focus elsewhere, she says that though everyone assumes that the toxicity of the scene is the primary reason behind her decision “a lot more goes on behind the scenes.” The three reasons listed by the caster are as follows,

  • “I was very underpaid compared to my direct colleagues.” Pansy straight up says that she was not paid the same as some of the other people she worked with, without giving specific details she said that it was one of the factors that motivationally drained her.
  • “There was a real top-end barrier.” Pansy revealed that she had to really slog a lot to finally get a chance to cast the finals of a big CS:GO tournament. After having cast 24 S-Tier tournaments was she finally given an opportunity to work in the finals of IEM Sydney.
  • “Then throw in the toxic part of the community.” Pansy talks about the level of toxicity she has faced from the community which involves people finding out where she lived and even sending her death threats.


Having stated her reasons as to why she was walking away from CS:GO the Brit described PUBG as being a breath of fresh air that really caught her attention.

“I was able to be more myself, find comfort and freedom in my job. I was able to get a great co-caster from the very start and we instantly had good on-air chemistry.”

Pansy has already gotten an opportunity to cast the finals of a PUBG event and she said that it felt fantastic after being looked over for 24 S-tier tournaments.

As for VALORANT the caster just poked fun by saying that “VALORANT is top on the list for new ventures. A nice and toxic community to dive into.” But it seems that Pansy might be more interested in casting VALORANT as was revealed by her while replying to a user.

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Though Pansy spoke at length about her future plans, in the end, she did specify that it was not the absolute end to her CS:GO career as she said that “I will be around for a couple more events and might pop back when there is an opportunity that I feel I can have fun with.” 

This means that the 30-year-old has not quit Counter-Strike forever and bid farewell to the game, but has simply moved ahead to see what opportunities await her in other gaming titles. Hope that the problems pointed out by Pansy are worked upon by both the organizers and the community members.


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