Gla1ve Suggests Changes to Overtime Format in CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
21/Aug/2020 07:15 pm
  • Astralis senior member gla1ve has suggested changes to the current overtime format in CS:GO.
  • SPUNJ supports gla1ve stating that he has discussed the same topic at length previously.
  • The community stood divided in their opinion.

Senior Astralis player Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander suggested a few changes yesterday to the current overtime format that has been adopted by CS:GO. He had put forth a personal suggestion stating that the overtime format could use certain changes which would decrease the number of rounds played during overtime, this instigated a community-wide discussion with popular Australian talent Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill backing gla1ve’s proposal.

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Gla1ve Suggests Changes To CS:GO Overtime Format

Gla1ve who had taken a brief hiatus from competitive Counter-Strike due to fatigue and burnout has finally returned to Astralis, though he clarified that he will not be playing in the currently ongoing ESL One: Cologne 2020 Online - Europe the player has still been registered as a substitute along with Xyp9x.

Following the extended second game on Nuke that took place between BIG and NiP yesterday which witnessed a total of 54 rounds being played over a period of almost 2 hours, gla1ve took to Twitter suggesting a change to the current overtime format being followed in CS:GO.

The experienced in-game leader proposed that instead of teams playing a set of three rounds before switching sides, they should switch sides after every round as this would decrease the chance of extended gameplay during overtime.

“I think players, viewers, and also tournament organizers would benefit from this.”

The following suggestion was supported by SPUNJ who revealed that the following point was heavily debated upon in an earlier episode of HLTV confirmed. 

But the community seemed to be divided in their opinion, while some backed gla1ve and supported this idea others were against it citing reasons like,

  • The overtime gameplay would become chaotic.
  • There might also be a loss of tactical gameplay.
  • The overtime excitement would die down.

The change suggested by gla1ve seems to be similar to that adopted by VALORANT which observes the two teams alternating sides every round until one of the team is up by two rounds. Another such change which is highly debated is reducing the number of 'max rounds' from 15 to 12.

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