Chinese Org FunPlus Phoenix Reportedly Target ALEX for New CS:GO Roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
19/Aug/2020 06:05 pm
  • Reports suggest that FPX might be targeting ALEX to lead their new CS:GO roster.
  • ALEX has been absent from the competitive Counter-Strike scene since March.
  • Contradicting comment from CS insider states that ALEX is actually thinking about shifting to VALORANT.

The Chinese esports organization FunPlus Phoenix is reportedly targeting British CS:GO player Alex "ALEX" McMeekin who is currently on Team Vitality’s bench according to DBLTAP. The 24-year-old Britisher has been absent from the competitive Counter-Strike scene since March 2020, though some rumors had surfaced about various teams showing interest towards the rifler nothing solid ever materialized.

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FunPlus Interested In ALEX?

Reports suggest that FunPlus Phoenix is interested in recruiting ALEX to lead their new CS:GO roster, it is unclear at what stage the deal is at the moment and how soon do the organization plan on acquiring the Briton but as per the report the “efforts have increased.”

A contradicting statement has been made by CS:GO insider neL (@neLendirekt) who says that as far as he knows ALEX is not interested in the CS offers that he has received till now, and he is actually thinking about going to VALORANT because of the unsatisfactory offers.

A couple of months back in July a report had surfaced which had stated that multiple teams like FaZe Clan, Cloud 9, c0ntact Gaming, and even Gen.G Esports had shown interest towards signing the experienced in-game leader, but the speculated $600,000 buyout that had apparently been established by Team Vitality seemed to have been a big factor that hindered these organizations from going ahead with the signing.

At the time Vitality had given the following statement to,

“We are perfectly aligned with ALEX regarding its presence on the transfer list. As always, these things take time, but we are in discussion with several teams and things are progressing quite well. We hope to be able to finalize negotiations in the coming weeks."

ALEX had taken a conscious decision to step down from the Team Vitality roster on 5th March citing hectic travel schedule as a big problem, revealing that he had spent 36 weeks travelling last year (2019) and he was now struggling to keep up. Since then he has been sitting on Vitality’s bench absent from the competitive circuit, though he has been seen playing quite a bit of VALORANT on stream.

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FunPlus Phoenix who entered Counter-Strike with Flashpoint Season 1 with the incomplete signing of the Heroic roster had quite a turbulent start as one member of Heroic Patrick "es3tag" Hansen signed with Astralis. Signed to the league and without a team, FPX picked up the roster of Bad News Bears for the season and are now looking to start fresh with a new roster from scratch.


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