CEO of Heroic on FunPlus Phoenix deal Involving es3tag "Astralis has acted in bad faith"

Aditya Singh Rawat
22/Mar/2020 10:47 am

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Erik Askered

It looks like Erik Askered - CEO of Heroic, is not at all pleased with Astralis coming in and reportedly signing Patrick “es3tag” Hansen who is currently playing with FunPlus Phoenix in FLASHPOINT.

Askered has said that he cannot comment on anything at the moment while adding that they “are making legal preparations,” because they “know and can prove that Astralis has acted in bad faith,” which has negatively affected the sale of the Danish lineup of Heroic to FunPlus Phoenix, according to a statement provided by him to HLTV.

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The Chinese organization who is the current League of Legends World Champions stepped into Counter-Strike by acquiring the Heroic lineup while simultaneously entering FLASHPOINT, but with reports of es3tag being signed by Astralis doing the rounds, FunPlus Phoenix is now reevaluating their future within the league.

All the team members of the current FunPlus Phoenix with the exception of es3tag and Frederik “LOMME” Nielsen have changed their Twitter bios to reflect that they play for the Chinese organization, this might mean that while the others players are already signed by them, a decision on es3tag might still be pending.

This is just a speculation for now, with no concrete proof on the entire situation. None of the involved organizations have made an official statement or commented on the same as well. Let’s see if es3tag actually gets signed by Astralis and how do the Danes go around operating a six-man roster.


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