CS:GO Talent Pimp Criticises Na'Vi by Calling Their Victory at IEM Katowice a Fluke

Aditya Singh Rawat
2/Jun/2020 11:49 pm

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Jacob "Pimp" Winneche

Danish CS:GO talent Jacob "Pimp" Winnecheis is clearly not happy with Natus Vincere’s performance in recent tournaments as he called them out on Twitter saying that, “From what I’ve seen thus far in 2020, Na’Vi winning IEM Katowice the way they did was a fluke.”

He went on to reason that Na’Vi was “Alright in the group stage at IEM, not fantastic.” And that apart from their magical playoffs performance, the whole team has been quite lacklustre.

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Taking a quick look at the tournament in question it can be clearly observed that, Na’Vi actually struggled quite a bit in the group stage and then went on to win the tournament without dropping a single map in the playoffs.

They fell down to the lower bracket after facing a ‘2-1’ loss against Fnatic and had to claw their way out to reach the playoffs, where they went on a mind-blowing ‘7-0’ streak to defeat Liquid, Astralis, and G2, one after the other in a row without any problems.

So, Pimp's criticism based on raw stats seems to be both valid and true. But as Duncan "Thorin" Shields rightly points out, IEM Katowice 2020 was unfortunately the last CS:GO LAN tournament that Na’Vi played this year before all the other events shifted to an online format, due to the current global health situation.

Thorin's Response to Pimp

Sadly it has not been going good for the boys in yellow ever since the victory at the empty Spodek Arena, as they had to settle for a 4th place finish at the EPL Season 11: Europe followed by a miserable performance at ESL One: Road to Rio - CIS where they could not even qualify for the playoffs.

But in their most recent tournament DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe, Na’Vi seems to be feeling a lot more confident as they topped their group at the end of the first phase, while also retaining the top spot at the HLTV global rankings which could be largely due to fact that Astralis underwent a serious roster makeover.

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Pimp was well prepared for the backlash as he clearly mentioned that his take on the matter may sound controversial, hoping to be proved wrong which Na’Vi clearly has a shot at. The organization did not respond to the harsh criticism at the time of writing this article, maybe they believe in answering with their actions and not by words.


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