CS:GO Talent Pimp Overwatch Banned for more than a Month

Aditya Singh Rawat
7/May/2020 06:38 pm

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Jacob "Pimp" Winneche

CS:GO analyst and former professional player Jacob “Pimp” Winneche has been banned from official CS:GO matchmaking for 35 days due to an overwatch ban. The 24-year-old was handed the ban after he killed his own teammate because he refused to surrender the match against a team comprising of five cheaters.

The Dane lashed out at CS:GO calling the situation “beyond stupid” as he stated that “A ‘teammate’ of mine felt it was funnier to act out like an idiot. Wasting mine, and 2,800 LIVE viewers on Twitch time, (by) refusing to do it (surrender).”

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Pimp could not play CS:GO via FACEIT as well because he Tweeted out the following statement a few hours later, “So wait? I can not play FACEIT either??” Asking Milos Nedeljkovic - Product Marketing Manager at FACEIT, whether he could make a second FACEIT account and link it to his other steam account or not.

Majority of the comments below the post were in support of the CS:GO talent, as users pointed out the drawbacks of the current requirements to be eligible for becoming an ‘overwatcher’.

Pimp at StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 6

While the overwatch system is actually decent, it is dependent on other users which will always bring in an element of human error, this is a major drawback and something which is unavoidable as there will always be a case or two which will be out of the ordinary.

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