This CS:GO Ace on Mirage will Definitely Hype you up Without a Doubt

Aditya Singh Rawat

2nd Apr, 2020

There are a few moments in Counter-Strike that one can never forget, and believe it or not CS:GO talent Jacob “Pimp” Winneche produced one such moment while streaming the game yesterday on Twitch.

With some banger music playing in the background, the 24-year-old hit a few crunches before entering a game of Counter-Strike all energised, as he proceeded to take one of the most hyped aces ever, right in the very first round of the match on Mirage while playing T-sided.

Pimp rushed onto ‘A-Site’ picking two kills in ‘Jungle’, followed by two more near ‘Ticket Booth’ and outside ‘Vent’, switching his Glock-18 with a USP-S and taking the last frag in ‘Connector’ as he completed his ace by shouting “It is P I M P with the ace!”

The fast-paced background track along with the energy-packed running commentary, and the fact that Pimp got the ace after hitting a few crunches, is what turned something normal into such a fantastic clip, that is bound to get the best of us hyped up.

Do you think taking an ace in CS:GO after hitting a few crunches could be a gaming challenge that could trend well during this period of self-isolation and quarantine?

Here is another hype clip by Pimp, recreating what he did on Mirage in Inferno this time, with a Scout in his hands instead of a sidearm.