“VALORANT is a more casual CS:GO” - Tfue while Comparing the Two Games

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Apr/2020 05:13 pm

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  • Tfue expresses his opinion on VALORANT while comparing it to CS:GO.

  • States that VALORANT is a fun game and it might do well.

  • Ranks CS:GO above VALORANT when it comes to competitive gameplay. 

Fortnite professional and popular streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney in a recent stream of his expressed his opinion about VALORANT, while also comparing it to the veteran first-person shooter CS:GO.

“VALORANT is a more casual CS:GO,” said the 22-year-old, while adding that “If you want to die to f**king air-strikes, Go play f**king VALORANT. If you want to actually play a game that takes f**king true skill, go play CS:GO.”

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While the CS:GO community would happily agree with Tfue’s stance on the matter, is it actually true? Is this how VALORANT actually stacks against CS:GO?

Though placing VALORANT below CS:GO, Tfue said that he thinks it is a fun game and it might do well also. But competitive wise he doesn’t see the game being bigger than CS, showcasing another reason why CS:GO might have the upper hand.

While listing the problems he has with VALORANT, Tfue said that “The problem that I have with it is that is is too repetitive, it is not fun to watch, and I feel like the abilities are like kinda not balanced. It is kinda like how Overwatch was at the start.”

A Game of VALORANT in Action

The closed beta released on 7th April and already a plethora of discussions have taken place within the community, pointing towards various issues. The developers had earlier stated that they will be taking all the feedback seriously and implementing necessary changes in order to improve the game.

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Over the next few weeks, the game will undergo a lot of tweaks with its maps, characters, weapons, and other such things related to the game. Let’s see if Tfue’s opinion hold true after all these changes have been implemented and we have a more refined game on our hands.


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