"They didn't think it through at all" - Shroud calls out VALORANT Developers over Raze

Aditya Singh Rawat
10/Apr/2020 09:32 am
  • The latest VALORANT character Raze, released along with the closed beta faces heavy criticism from the community.

  • Popular streamer Shroud describes the character as being "f**king stupid".

  • Calls out the developers for not putting thought behind the character's design.

VALORANT released a new character called Raze along with the closed beta on 7th April. Unfortunately, the highly offensive hero who has been designed to deal heavy damage to the opposition has faced a lot of flak from both the community members and prominent personalities alike.

Popular streamer and former Counter-Strike professional Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek after playing against Raze was quite agitated, describing the character as being “f**king stupid,” calling out the developers for not putting thought behind the design of this character at all.

With years of experience playing games, Shroud went on to explain how a game’s character should be designed saying that,

“The game’s character should be more about utilization rather than damage, I think the wrong direction for this game is introducing characters that do DPS. That’s not a thing, this game has no place for that. They just need to introduce characters that do utility rather than damage, damage is the wrong route and she (Raze) is all damage.”

What Shroud said about Raze is exactly how the majority of the community feels about the character as well. But, RiotMorello who is the lead character developer for VALORANT has already given his take on the whole situation, confirming that a few tweaks will be made to the character but Raze is there to stay along with her high damaging skillset.

Do you guys also think that Raze is too powerful at the moment? It will be interesting to see if the general opinion shifts in favour of the character following the nerf, as promised by VALORANT.


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