Valorant Bans it’s First Cheater

Shounak Sengupta
9/Apr/2020 10:25 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @The Verge

  • The first cheater in Valorant has been banned.
  • The incident comes after 2 days into the beta launch. 

Just two days into the beta launch of Riot’s new FPS, Valorant, a cheater has been caught and banned by the team. While titles in the FPS genre are heavily prone to cheating and hackers, Riot had made a commitment to make their anti-cheat a core focus. The anti-cheat known as Vanguard was and is meant to make the game resistant to cheating and make the development of cheats expensive as well as time consuming. 

However, it seems as if despite their best efforts, a cheater has managed to infiltrate and exploit parts of the game. At this point, the nature of the cheat he used is not known. What is surprising is that it occurred just two days into the beta, at a time when only a certain amount of people have access to the game. 

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