CS:GO Breaks all-time Record for Peak Concurrent Players

Aditya Singh Rawat
9/Feb/2020 08:53 am

CS:GO seems to be growing at an unprecedented pace as it broke the record for ‘Peak Consecutive Players’ yesterday evening, recording a staggering 874,875 concurrent players online beating the previous record of 850,485 set more than 3 years back on April 2016.

Image Courtesy: Steam Charts

Just a couple of weeks back CS:GO had registered a whopping 503,719.6 average concurrent players, making a record for the highest average concurrent players in its history, and now the game has gone on to break another record.

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2020 has seen an exceptional increase in the number of players for the veteran first-person shooter, this can be credited to the game going free-to-play, followed by the release of the much-anticipated Operation: Shattered Web.

The operation pass recently went on a 40% sale a few days back and suddenly there was an increment noticed in the number of peak concurrent users. Maybe the two things were related to each other or it might just have been the start of the Group - B of BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Regular Season.


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