CS:GO Achieves Second Highest Peak Player Count in its History

Aditya Singh Rawat
13/Jan/2020 09:52 am

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Each day seems to be better than the last for CS:GO, as the age-old fps records its second-highest peak player count with 817,229 concurrent players recorded last night at 20:00 according to

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Unique Players
Peak Players
Last 30 Days

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Just a day back CS:GO had recorded its fifth-ever 800,000+ peak player count, and within the next 24 hours the game has gone on to achieve the highest peak player count in the last 3 years, which is also the second-highest in the history of the game.

The highest peak was achieved in April 2016 when 850,485 concurrent players were recorded thanks to the hype created by MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016.

The interesting thing here is that till now all the peaks that have been observed in the past have had a reason behind them, be it the hype created by a tournament, a big update or something similar, but this peak has struck the game out of nowhere.

The only explanation could be the late effects of the last major update, which was made on 18th November 2019 in the form of Operation Shattered Web. A lot of interesting changes were introduced in that update, some of which were being experienced for the first time ever by the players.

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2020 has started off in the best way possible for the massively popular first-person shooter, let’s see for how long it is able to hold on to these numbers.


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