GodLike Esports: Performance Breakdown Through AFK Gaming's BGMI Team Rankings


GodLike Esports: Performance Breakdown Through AFK Gaming's BGMI Team Rankings

Can they finally turn around a new leaf?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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GodLike Esports is one of the leading organizations in competitive BGMI and everyone who follows the scene knows about them. It enjoys a huge and extremely loyal fanbase that has stuck through thick and thin, especially this year which has been particularly troublesome for the side.

The team has struggled hard to find its form, winning just one tournament till now in 2023. AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings is a reflection of GodLike’s journey this season, shining a light on their shortcomings, lineup changes, and missing out on the biggest tournament of the year.

As of the latest rank list which was last updated on 21st November 2023, the team holds a poor 14th position on the third-party leaderboard, 34th position on the official leaderboard, and 17th position on the overall leaderboard.

To get a proper understanding of how and why GodLike Esports holds these positions on the various leaderboards, we will have to take a look at their performance across the entire season, painting a clearer picture of the situation while providing a detailed breakdown of the raw data. 

Check out the full rankings on AFK Gaming.

GodLike Esports Performance Check: Journey Through AFK BGMI Leaderboards

June 2023

Despite the reputation that GodLike Esports commands in the regional scene, its performance was far from it last year. The only tournament worth mentioning is BGMI Masters Series 2022 where it finished as the runner-up, an achievement worth mentioning.

Shortly after, BGMI was banned but the lineup decided to stick together. Unfortunately, this did not have any major impact on their performance following the game’s return.

GodLike Esports started with a bleak 10th place finish in its first appearance after the unban, in the Villager Esports DOMINA8R Series. The team failed to recover, spiralled out of control, and recorded more disappointing performances through the month.

The team registered its best performance for June in the Upthrust Esports Challengers Showdown by securing a 6th place finish.

Its performance in June, which only consisted of third-party tournaments, resulted in GodLike Esports dropping down to the 42nd position on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings with no score to its name.

July 2023

Before July started GodLike Esports bid farewell to Arshpreet "GiLL" Singh, who had served more than a year with the team. Surprisingly just one week later, GodLike Esports shocked everyone by toppling multiple top-performing BGMI teams to win the IQOO Pro Series and pocketing ₹400,000 INR in prize money.

It was the star player Jonathan "JONATHAN" Amaral who played unbelievably well to help his team win. He was named the MVP of this tournament and fans of the organization were ecstatic to see this sudden 180 flip from the side.


However, this victory turned out to be more of a fluke than an actual achievement, because immediately after skyrocketing to success the team just crashed and burned, attaining double-digit positions in six consecutive tournaments.

  1. Nodwin BGMI Champions Cup | 20th

  2. Villager Esports Pro Invitational 2023 | 19th

  3. Skyesports Skirmish Series Season 2 | 11th

  4. Ranbhoomi Season 2 | 18th

  5. Battle For Revolution Season 1 | 16th

  6. India Today League Invitationals | 16th

All hopes were ten feet below rock bottom and there seemed to be absolutely no signs of recovery for the side. Just then, out of the blue, GodLike Esports changed gears that had a thick coat of rust all over and pulled a blinder of a performance to finish 4th.

GodLike Esports participated in a lot of tournaments in July but was consistently out of the top ten, still its overall standing on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings witnessed a massive increment as it secured the 10th position with a total of 4.03 points.

August 2023

The last performance by GodLike Esports was a surprise, definitely a pleasant one, but still, nobody was ready to accept it wholeheartedly just yet.

Sadly, the feeling that the fans felt was accurate because not only did GodLike Esports perform horribly in two of the biggest tournaments of the year, BGMI 2023: The Grind and BGMS Season 2, but also lost a lot of confidence and character in the process.

August was a huge disaster for GodLike Esports and there was no way to justify its performance, as a result, a lot of tough questions were raised to which not a lot could be said or explained.

Over on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings, the team once again slipped down by five positions to stand at the 15th spot with an unchanged total of 4.03 points.

GodLike Esports BGMI Team

September 2023

GodLike Esports returned after a long break of about a month towards the end of September and just participated in two tournaments where it performed well. The overall performance still lacked polish but the team seemed to be in a much better state of mind and played with good synergy.

The team finished 7th in both its events, OS Invitational Season 1 and Upthrust Esports Pro Showdown Season 2, but it was not enough to propel it upwards on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings where it fell by two more positions, standing on 17th rank and stagnated with 4.03 points.

October 2023

Through the entire month of October, GodLike Esports only participated in one tournament, Battle For Revolution Season 2, where it bettered its performance and took a 5th place finish.

Now the fans were starting to believe once again, that the team might be on the right track and could turn things around sooner or later by stringing a couple of big performances in important tournaments.

Unfortunately, just when the ship was almost ready to set sail again, one of its masts brokedown as Rudra “Spower” left the team to join Blind Esports, leaving the team in a state of uncertainty on its road to recovery.

There was a change in the total points of GodLike Esports which marginally moved up to 4.43 on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings. However, its position on the overall leaderboard went down by one, slipping to the 18th rank.

November 2023

GodLike Esports stepped back from the scene once again for well more than a month and took its time to prepare itself for November and the road ahead.

Once again, time away from the server turned out to be a boon for the side as it came back strong, attaining a 6th place finish at the Skyesports Championship 5.0 and achieving an 8th position at the Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle 2023.

A victory still eluded the squad but GodLike Esports displayed consistency for the first time in a long time which is always a huge positive for any competitive side.

For the first time on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings, this team showed growth in all regards, jumping up a spot on the overall leaderboard to currently place 17th with a total score of 6.63.

There are only two official BGMI tournaments that have been organized by Krafton in 2023 till now, three if someone considers BMIS 2023: The Grind as a separate event instead of just another qualifier.

GodLike Esports has not been able to shine in the official tournaments till now due to which it has suffered on the official leaderboard. However, the team seems to have slowly found its groove and has been successful in maintaining this new found rhythm across multiple tournaments now. 

This is massive because it can potentially build towards a phase of success that might be lurking just around the corner and all that the team needs to do is keep their head down, stay resilient, maintain this temperament, build on their weaknesses, grind hard, and not lose focus.

The highest rank achieved by the team on AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings along this journey is 10th while the lowest has been 42nd.

It will be interesting to see how GodLike Esports continues to perform in the ongoing BMPS 2023 and how it affects the team’s position on our leaderboard after it concludes.

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