A Tour Of Isolated, The Call Of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Map


A Tour Of Isolated, The Call Of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale Map

Nutan Lele
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  • The map is a jigsaw of different places from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series, in addition to new exclusive locations.
  • Today we explore the Bus Station, Pier, Nuketown, Launch Base, Crash and Sakura.

Isolated is the main map of the Battle Royale mode in the mobile game. The map is a jigsaw of different places from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series, in addition to new exclusive locations. Let’s drop in on Isolated, and look at some of the iconic and new additions:

Bus Station

South of the Nuclear Plant and East of Standoff is the Bus Station, which Zombies fans will know is from the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 TranZit experience. This Bus Station, a starting area in TranZit’s Green Run game mode or, as a standalone Survival map, is a small and tough challenge that players can test their skills on. Here on Isolated, the Bus Station might contain Zombies and the Mystery Box during a match, so be on guard when making a stop here to refuel on items. There could be loot, including a few stashes, lying about that may help in breaking up any gridlock in the lobby. Call of Duty: Mobile introduced a Bus Driver Bundle and skin in homage of T.E.D.D., the robot bus driver introduced in TranZit in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. 


Landing on the north shore takes players to the Pier, a seaside town. Here, several housing complexes have loot spawns. Tactical Raft and Helicopters are common finds near the eastern-most trio of houses. A house on the north of the Pier sits on its own isolated island and there is potential to find a decent amount of loot and a few stashes. 


The crown jewel of Black Ops, Nuketown defines the other half of the smaller island off the main Isolated map. Here on Isolated, the original Nuketown is nestled in the bigger community seen outside the main Cul-de-Sac. 

In exploring Nuketown, Pier, and the rest of this tiny island, be aware of where the collapse settles. Should the safe area fall on Isolated’s main island, it may be wise to find a Patrol Boat to make a quick escape. Otherwise, there are two main bridges that span across the ocean, including one that leads us to our next notable area. 

Launch Base

Located at the central-most area of Isolated, the expanded version of classic Multiplayer map Launch features the map’s original cosmodrome and launchpad. These are within a complex of several other buildings that can be explored. The top of the launch tower serves as an excellent watchtower but it's quite a lot of steps to climb.

Speaking of loot, it can appear all over this high-tech base, both in the areas that longtime fans will remember and the brand-new buildings. There are even some stashes that can appear right near the actual launch site.


This map is from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer map that appears in the mobile’s Multiplayer. The Crash area on Isolated features its signature crashed helicopter and other buildings. Although this Helicopter cannot be repaired, Crash gets pretty lit during some matches with plenty of loot to find inside the buildings. Snipers can climb up Crash’s tallest building, where the roof provides a view of the whole town through chain link fences. 


Japanese cherry blossoms are in bloom in this brand-new area to the Call of Duty universe. Sakura offers some unique architecture. The south of the main town is a small lake island that is accessible by way of an old wooden bridge. Sometimes, this area contains an upgrade station to boost your class with better technology for your equipment. In either case, the houses here offer a bit of protection and more potential loot locations outside of town.

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