Call Of Duty: Mobile Guide To Basics, Gamemodes And COD Lingo


Call Of Duty: Mobile Guide To Basics, Gamemodes And COD Lingo

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  • If it is your first-ever Call of Duty game or you haven’t played any COD games for a while, or just need a refresher on the fundamentals, this guide is for you.
  • In this guide we cover The Basics, Different Modes of Play, COD Lingo and Battle Royale Controls.

Call of Duty (COD) is a franchise of FPS games that have been going strong for a decade. With each new release, more players join the massive Call of Duty multiplayer community. For the uninitiated, some of the COD terminologies may seem confusing to the newer Call of Duty: Mobile players. If it is your first-ever Call of Duty game or you haven’t played any COD games for a while, or just need a refresher on the fundamentals, this guide will help you with these things:

  • The Basics 
  • Different Modes of Play
  • COD Lingo
  • Battle Royale Controls

The Basics of In-Game Mechanics and Items

Here we shall discuss the definitions of some of the most common terms used across the Call of Duty franchise that will help you get started in-game and in the community for Call of Duty: Mobile. 

Attachment – An item that attaches to a weapon that gives it some kind of benefit and changes its appearance. An example of an attachment is a Suppressor.

Camo / Camouflage – A “skin” that changes the cosmetic appearance of a weapon. No stats are changed.

Faction – The group your Operator (character) belongs to. In Multiplayer, the two teams are Special Forces and Guerrilla Squad. Whatever Operator you choose within each Faction is the one you will play as.

Gunsmith – Within the Loadout menu, this is where you can customize a weapon’s attachments and add camouflage, stickers, charms and more.

Killstreak – A reward for earning a number of kills in one spawn during a Multiplayer match. This reward can be something that offers an offensive advantage (i.e. a Cluster Strike) or intelligence (i.e. a UAV). 

Loadout – What an Operator uses in battle. This consists of two weapons (a primary and a secondary), as well as three perks, operator skill and two pieces of equipment (lethal and tactical). In the Battle Royale loadout, players can select a class, item, vehicle, wingsuit, parachute camos and customise airdrop weapons.  

Operator – Your character in the game.

Optic – Usually called a scope in-game. It is a device that offers precise sight while aiming with a weapon. Optics include red dot sights, Holographic sight and Tactical scopes which let you zoom. 

Perk (in a Loadout) – A passive ability or benefit given to your Operator within a loadout. One example perk is Overkill, which allows your Operator to carry two primary weapons in a loadout.

Role – A position that a Special Ops Operator can take that gives them an active and passive ability. Roles offer unique benefits, such as additional offensive options or reconnaissance tools.

Scorestreaks – Icons of the three Scorestreaks you’ve chosen are shown here. After earning a Scorestreak, tapping its icon will activate it. In certain game modes, these buttons will have a timer on them which makes them unusable until the timer runs out.

Modes of Play

Call Of Duty: Mobile Guide To Basics, Gamemodes And COD Lingo

Frontline – After spawning at a team base, kill players on the opposing team until you reach a particular score.

Team Deathmatch – Kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins. 

Domination – Capture and hold objectives to earn points over time. Reach the score limit to win.

Kill Confirmed – Collect enemy dogtags to score for your team.

Search and Destroy – Teams take turns defending and destroying an objective. No respawns.

Hardpoint – Capture and hold the Hardpoint to earn points and win.

Free For All – Every man for himself. The first player to reach the score limit ends the game. Top 3 players win.

Featured – Featured modes for different maps in rotation. Currently, Headquarters, Terminal 24/7, 10v10 and Gun Game Moshpit are available in Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Lingo

ADS – Aim down sights. This occurs when you press the aim button; doing this narrows the spread of the weapon’s fire for more accurate shots.

Double Weapon XP – When this state is active, you will earn experience points at double the rate for Weapon Levels.

Flank – When you take a side path (either left or right) to confront the enemy.

Hip Fire – The opposite of ADS. This is when you fire a weapon without aiming, which is faster than aiming down sights but may be less accurate.

Player Level – A number that denotes your overall experience level, which increases by playing more Call of Duty: Mobile.

Season – A period of time where new content, such as weapons, camos and other cosmetics along with Multiplayer maps, and Community Events, will become available. 

Spawn – Where your Operator loads into the map, either at the beginning of a round or after death.

Weapon Level – A progression system separate to Player Level. Increase your Weapon Level by dealing damage with that weapon to unlock attachments and camos. You can see which attachments you have and unlock new ones in Gunsmith. 

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Battle Royale Controls

Call Of Duty: Mobile Guide To Basics, Gamemodes And COD Lingo

Remaining Players, Kills, Team Info – Here, you can see how many players are still alive in a Battle Royale game, how many players you’ve taken down, and, if applicable, the current class and health of your teammates.

Camera Mode – This shows your current camera mode; either FPP (first-person perspective) or TPP (third-person perspective).

Loadout –Tapping this button shows everything you are carrying on your soldier.

Healing Items – Tap this button to use a healing item, such as Adrenaline, to regain health. A small upwards arrow will appear when you have more than one type of healing item, which will help you cycle through items.

Revive Teammate – When above a downed teammate, pressing this button will start the revival process.

Open Door – When in front of a door, pressing this button will open it or close it.

Get in Vehicle – Pressing this button will make your character enter a vehicle as either the driver (wheel icon) or as a passenger (seat icon).

Skill – Like an Operator Skill, all Classes in Battle Royale have a Skill that charges up over time. Press this button to activate it.

 Marker – Tap and drag this button to mark a spot on your screen. This is great for alerting teammates of a notable point in front of you on their maps.

Circle Collapse Timer and Distance  Here, you can see how long it will be until the circle collapses, and what your distance is to the safe area.

Compass – To aid players in making callouts to teammates and understand your surroundings, this handy compass will mark off 360 degrees of directions. It ticks off every 15 degrees, with numbers changing to compass directions at 0 (North), 45 (Northeast), 90 (East), 135 (Southeast), 180 (South), 225 (Southwest), 270 (West), and 315 (Northwest 0 (North).

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