OR Mavi Flexes His Skills On A Sniper Rifle In Free Fire


OR Mavi Flexes His Skills On A Sniper Rifle In Free Fire

Nutan Lele
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  • Orange Rock's Mavi takes up Free Fire after the PUBG Mobile ban in India.
  • The player teamed up with Total Gaming and Scout to earn that Booyah.

Orange Rock is a well-known team that has sent across ripples not only in India but through the entire region. Their roster boasts some of the most popular and talented names in the entire South Asian PUBG Mobile circuit. One name that certainly stands out is Mavi. The star IGL has not only led Orange Rock’s all-star lineup to victory but has handled Indian Tigers, another star-studded lineup before OR and bagged some big achievements like finishing 3rd in the PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split: India 2019. Watch the player show off his adaptability and prowess in Free Fire India.  

Watch Mavi Dish It Out On A Kar 98

In this clip uploaded to Instagram by the streamer, he is seen playing Free Fire with Scout and Total Gaming. He first enters a house through a window. He picks up a Kar 98. His coach for the day, Total Gaming then starts talking about the features of a biometric scope on a Kar 98 peculiar to Free Fire. He tells him that with a biometric scope, all you need to do is peer through the scope, and if there’s someone in the crosshair, it will auto-fire. Another thing to note about scopes is that when the player’s green crosshair is placed on an enemy, even at a large distance, the colour changes to red, indicating a sure shot hit. 

Total Gaming also talks about how lying down doesn’t exactly do much in Free Fire since the enemy can see you anyway. Mavi shows off his expert sniping skills to take down an enemy with two well-placed shots. He then proceeds to get another assist.   

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Perhaps the most important part of being an IGL is to be able to routinely improve and adapt the team’s strategies to the meta and to how other teams are playing. With the banning of PUBG Mobile, Mavi has now set his sights on Garena Free Fire. He’s consistently shown that he can improvise and adapt his skill set to even newer games. 

We’ve seen a number of Indian PUBG Mobile players shift from the game to Free Fire thanks to the recent ban by the government. Well, Mavi has jumped the bandwagon for now, whether we see him take it up professionally or just stream casually remains to be seen. For now, we can just enjoy Mavi show his pro plays in more than just PUBG Mobile. 

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