5 Tanks To Win Your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Games


5 Tanks To Win Your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Games

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  • Tanks play the important role of absorbing damage and sometimes locking down enemies and dealing damage.
  • Our top 5 picks for tanks this patch are Atlas, Khufra, Hylos, Grock and Uranus.

Tanks play an important role in any MOBA game. Their large health pools allow them to take a beating without dying and create openings for the carries of the team to attack. Their role as the front guards is essential in winning matches. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang currently has 19 tanks that specialise in various aspects. These heroes receive regular updates to buff, nerf and balance their skills with each new update. Thus, using top tier tanks gives you an edge in your ranked matches. 

5. Atlas

5 Tanks To Win Your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Games
Atlas' Stats

Atlas is one of the newest tanks released in the game. He is a strong tank with lots of crowd control and an ultimate that complements most team compositions. His ultimate called Fatal Links makes him hurl chains at all nearby heroes and starts to channel dealing damage that scales with Total Magic Damage to the enemies hit and slows them by 40%. Players can use the skill again to leap to a designated location, dragging the targets towards him rendering them airborne, and dealing Magic Damage.  

In the ‘Ejected State’, the Mecha Sentry will immediately merge with Atlas, slowing enemies by 40% instead of stunning them. This ability combined with flicker makes it easy to catch opponents off guard and good for initiating teamfights. He’s able to knock five enemies at once if you launch his combo in the right position within the perfect timing. That ability makes Atlas the most powerful tank in team fights, and the best scrambler aside from Minotaur. All of this makes him a contested pick in ranks and tournaments. 

4. Khufra

5 Tanks To Win Your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Games
Khufra's Stats

The Desert Tyrant is another very good tank hero with powerful skills to catch and lockdown your opponents. Khufra is able to provide great crowd control, slow enemies down, as well as produce pretty huge damage. Starting with his first skill, Khufra leaps and immobilises his targets. His second skill makes it hard for the opponent to escape. His ultimate, Tyrant's Rage, stuns opponents against the wall if it is near the wall. Otherwise Khufra pulls back all enemy targets around him toward the front, dealing Physical Damage and slowing them down for up to 1.75 seconds. His deadly kit makes this tank feared, he is usually either banned or picked in big tournaments.

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3. Hylos

5 Tanks To Win Your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Games
Hylos's Stats

Hylos has the highest health pool and scaling compared to other tanks in the game. His Ring Of Punishment ability creates a damage per second area of effect around him. In addition to this, the Grand Warden’s ultimate kill creates a pathway for 6 seconds that heals him scaling with his Max HP and makes him immune to slows while on the pathway. Allies moving towards the end of the pathway have increased Movement Speed while enemies moving towards the start of the pathway will have their Movement Speed reduced. This buff is great for catching fleeing enemies or backing away from unfavourable team fights. 

 2. Grock

5 Tanks To Win Your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Games
Grock's Stats

Grock has a very strong early game and has high mobility while his Guardian's Barrier provides some decent crowd control. Grock can set up a stone wall to restrict enemies’ movements. Besides his useful skill of conjuring a wall, Grock also has thick defensive stats and fairly high damage for a tank in Mobile Legends. The high damage on his first ability and ultimate skill makes this Titan difficult to deal with. Like Uranus, Grocks will usually play aggressively at the beginning. 

1. Uranus

5 Tanks To Win Your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Games
Uranus' Stats

Uranus is a very strong tank in the early game. His passive Radiance gives him quite a bit of sustain and a high HP regen. In addition, Uranus also has immunity from attacks thanks to Ionic Edge and Transcendent Ward, combined with his ultimate, makes this tank difficult to catch. His ultimate Consecration unleashes energy stored within his body to remove slows on himself and restore points of HP immediately while increasing his Movement Speed by 60% for 8 seconds. (The speed gained decays over time). Uranus also immediately acquires stacks of Radiance, increasing 30% to 50% of Shield and Regen received within 8 seconds, during which he can't be slowed. Uranus is often used as an offlaner because this tank does not have the skills that can lock down opponents. 

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