Scout Gets A 1v3 Clutch in Call Of Duty: Mobile Customs


Scout Gets A 1v3 Clutch in Call Of Duty: Mobile Customs

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  • Scout uses his knife to take down two enemies and finishes off a third one with some well-placed shots.
  • Scout had previously played Call of Duty Warzone with Dr Disrespect.

With the banning of PUBG Mobile in India, large parts of the mobile esports scene have been left scrambling to find a new title. The Indian PUBG Mobile circuit and key stakeholders like players and organisations in the esports scene find themselves staring into an uncertain future.  With some organisations like Megastars choosing to disband altogether, other titles like Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile have emerged as the frontrunners. Call of Duty: Mobile seems to have the attention of pros in the scene for its gyro and better graphics, among other reasons. While many popular former PUBG Mobile pros, influencers and streamers are now picking up Call of Duty: Mobile, a person who is no stranger to the Call of Duty series is Scout. 

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Scout had recently played Call of Duty Warzone on his stream with popular internet personality Dr Disrespect where he found himself floundering unlike his time in PUBG Mobile, however, back on the mobile platform, Scout seems to have found his groove again.

Scout Pulls Off 1v3 Clutch in Call Of Duty: Mobile

Scout recently uploaded a video on his Instagram where he manages to pull off an insane 1v3 clutch in Call of Duty: Mobile and manages to defuse the bomb just in time. The clip starts with him peeking out a window to look for enemies after which he makes his way outside the building and into the action. As he takes his knife out, his teammate boldly proclaims “Yes he’ll knife”. Scout manages to pull off 2 legendary knife takedowns as he takes damage from the enemies.

The clip proceeds with him searching for the last enemy around the map and as he emerges from the left, he proceeds to ambush the final opponent and take him down with a few well-placed shots. Scout then proceeds to calmly defuse the bomb. 

Scout has been an incredibly popular streamer in the region among Indians for a long time thanks to his aggressiveness both in-game as well as in real life. This clip in Call of Duty: Mobile perfectly captures Scout’s essence as a gamer.  It will be interesting to see whether Scout commits to Call of Duty: Mobile or explore other options like Garena Free Fire. Which game he commits to, will be largely decided by how his fans react to the entire post-PUBG ban scenario.

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