Here Are India's Top PUBG Mobile IGLs

Here Are India's Top PUBG Mobile IGLs

Nutan Lele
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In PUBG Mobile, your IGL can make or break your game. Every squad of 3 shooters is led by an In-Game Leader (IGL) who takes control of shotcalling and guiding them towards that coveted Chicken Dinner. As the game’s meta evolved, so did the tasks of an IGL. With some great IGLs coming out of the woodwork over the years, we have an emerging talent pool in our corner of the subcontinent that truly exceeds expectations. Here are 5 IGLs from India who currently stand out from the pack. This list is in no particular order. 

Fnatic's IGL - Owais

Owais shot to fame during his time on Team SouL in 2019 when they picked up two of India’s most coveted trophies and became nationwide sensations. Owais was praised for his gameplay and leadership. Fnatic came 2nd in PMIS 2020 and were one point shy of coming 1st at the ESL India Premiership 2020 Summer Finals. Any Fnatic fan will remind you that apart from an aggressive style of play and good rotations, Owais is best known for his composure that has guided him to the commendable place he holds in PUBG history. Recently, Fnatic might not have performed as expected, but that doesn’t take away Owais’ control as an IGL. He’s slowly inching back into great form and is well on his way to cement his legacy. 

TSM Entity's IGL - Clutchgod

At just 17 years of age, Clutchgod has already set himself apart with numerous high-tier achievements. While many would say that the role of an IGL should be given to older and more experienced players like Ghatak, Clutchgod has managed to show that age is just a number.  He is not only known for his deadly assaults but also his work as an IGL. TSM Entity has become the international sensation that they are today, with wins in PMIS 2020 and PMCO - Fall Split: South Asia 2019. The team also ranked 5th in the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals. With his leadership, the roster executes their patented high kills formula pioneered by Ghatak and carried forth by Clutchgod. With the help of one of the world’s finest assaulters JONATHAN, Clutchgod knows how to handle the pressure and train his scopes and aim towards victory.

Orange Rock esports' IGL- Mavi

The face of one of India’s most successful PUBG Mobile esport organisation Mavi represents Orange Rock esports and is responsible for making them a household name. Mavi and OR have consistently managed to keep themselves relevant in the scene. While some IGLs grow out of favour and get replaced by other experienced players, Mavi’s story is one of consistent growth, which has helped his roster performs. 

Flexibility is a strength for Orange Rock. They have successfully adapted to different metas and playstyles as the game has evolved. Since his initial days with OR, Mavi has always been about playing for those placement points, instead of kills. While he focuses on points, his squad still manages to maintain a very respectable position on the kill points board. This strategy has paid off numerous times, with them getting 10 Chicken Dinners during PMPL South Asia.

TeamIND's IGL - Kratos

One of the earliest IGLs to be known for their shotcalling, Kratos is now synonymous with TeamIND. While the team hasn’t seen incredible success in comparison with other top organisations, TeamIND has been synonymous with consistency. Kratos is a dependable IGL, known for great rotation calls. 

What makes Kratos excel is his experience with leading in the past. As someone who has captained players like Sc0utOP and Daljitsk, few can doubt the versatility that Kratos displays while being in control of his squad. This is best seen in TeamIND’s performance at PMWL East League Finals where they came in 5th place, making their mark in the international arena.

GXR Celtz's IGL - RoXX

A relatively new face in the scene, GXR Celtz’s RoXX shined at PUBG Mobile Pro League - Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals. He entered the tournament as an underdog, with few considering his potential as an IGL. However, he went on to crown himself as India’s best despite the odds. RoXX’s true challenge as an IGL wasn’t PMPL SA Finals but PMWL East. This was his battleground to prove to his haters that Celtz’s performance in PMPL wasn’t just a flash in the pan. He has led his team to a decent 8th place standing in the PMWL League Finals standing, an homage to RoXX’s ability to adapt and deliver. 

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