When is Free Fire 3rd Anniversary?

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Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games in India. The game was one of the most downloaded mobile games in 2019 and also received the ‘Best Popular Vote Game’ award by Google Play Store. Free Fire currently has over 500 million downloads on Google Play Store. With a growing playerbase comes more demand for cool content and Garena Free Fire strives to entertain its players with a variety of new characters, events, in-game accessories, outfits, pets and skins. Free Fire's Anniversary celebrations usually see players receive a lot of goodies through missions as well as a chance to interact with the developers through AMAs. 

Free Fire celebrates its 3rd Anniversary on August 22, 2020. Special events are coming up to mark the occasion. Hayato “Firebrand” will be available as a free character in the 3rd Anniversary event. Hayato Firebrand, the elite version of Hayato, a cool Samurai. The Hayato Firebrand can be unlocked by completing the 'awakening' missions. The game also features a new spawn island and in-game lobby.

Previous Free Fire Anniversary celebrations

Garena Free Fire has always celebrated its anniversaries with a bang. Last year. the game featured a series of missions starting from 26th August and a chance for players to earn rewards. The mission started off by claiming Cake headgear from the 2nd Anniversary tab in the game. As part of the Anniversary celebrations, Free Fire conducted an AMA and players got a chance to win free characters, a new game mode, Big Head mode as well as other match rewards. 

When is Free Fire 3rd Anniversary?
Free Fire's 2nd Anniversary celebrations

The game also added Shiba the Doge as part of the Free Fire pet family. Shiba scans surrounding areas and marks mushrooms on the map. With diamond top-ups, players had a chance to get the Free Fire Anniversary Backpack, a Shiba pet and the Lucky Green pet skin. Along with this, an Anniversary Discount was also offered where players got 30% off on All Luck Royale which included Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale and Incubator (except for Virtual Reality gacha). The celebrations also featured an After Party where players had a chance to play in Rampage and Rank matches and earn royal vouchers, gun trials and legendary guns. 

Despite the difficulties posed by the global lockdown, Free Fire's event landscape has been quite active recently, with numerous competitions announced in the last few months. With several professional and casual online events being held by Garena, this year’s Anniversary celebrations are bound to be bigger and better.  

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