Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

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In 2019, PUBG Mobile has grown from just a mobile game to a full blown esport thanks to the support from the community, the developers, the publishers and of course the organizations and teams willing to give the title a shot. From the two editions of PMCO, to the PMSCs and the Peacekeeper Elite tournaments, over 1.5 Million dollars was given out in prize money and it helped lay the foundations to a sustainable and functioning esport ecosystem. Through the success and popularity of the esport, Tencent announced an even bigger prize pool for 2020, with a even more structured system to allow for competitions from various regions and stages and PUBG Mobile has been touted by industry experts as one of the key titles to watch out for in the next year. While we all know that 2020 is going to be a big year for PUBG Mobile, today we reflect back on 2019 and see which teams stood out and which organizations performed better than others in our top 10 rankings. 

10. Yoodo Gank (Malaysia)

Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

Yoodo Gank outperformed Team Secret as the best Malaysian team of 2019 | Image via @PUBG Mobile Esports

Yoodo Gank's inclusion on our top 10 is slightly controversial, as the team got their first international opportunity with a bit of luck. The Fall Split allowed the highest placing Malaysian team in the SEA League a slot in the main event because they were the home country. While many expected Team Secret to be the ones to make the cut, it was Yoodo Gank who finished in 13th place. Their performance at the SEA finals was also not impressive as the team finished last, but their main event slot was already guaranteed. However at the LAN, while many underestimated the team, they performed much better, finishing in 11th place. At the recently concluded PEC, Yoodo Gank ended in 7th, thus furthering their cause at being a team known for being able to challenge on a global stage. The team did make some roster changes, in the middle and are now looking better with each passing LAN. They take the 10th spot in our rankings, simply by performing on LAN at a time and place were no one expected them to.

Results: PMCO Fall - 11th, PEC - 7th

9. Team Unique (CIS)

Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

Team Unique has been a ray of shining light for the European region | Image via @PUBG Mobile

One of the more weaker regions in PUBG Mobile seems to be Europe, largely due to the low player base and existing popularity of mobile titles. However, CIS's Team Unique have impressed with consistent showings at the regional level as well as the international level. They were one of the few teams who have played almost all of the big LANs in 2019 (PMCO Spring, PMCO Fall, PMSC World Cup and PEC) and even managed to win the PMSC World Cup in Riyadh, earlier this month. Unfortunately, the format for the tournament was quite short, which lowers the value of the win by a little bit. Nonetheless, Team Unique have been the best European team by far and their win at PMSC solidifies their place in the top 10. 

Results: PMSC World Cup - 1st, PMCO Fall - 9th

8. Team Queso (South America)

Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

Team Queso has led the way for South America in PUBG Mobile | Image via @TeamQuesoGG

While PUBG Mobile may not be the most popular title in South America, Team Queso's performances on the world stage have been truly impressive, especially considering how little support the region has received. Queso has been the best South American team of 2019, having represented the country in both PMCO Spring and Fall as well as the PMSC World Cup and PEC. The team has managed to finished in the top 10 in all of these events, showing just how deadly they can be, with some more international experience. 

Results: PMCO Fall - 6th, PMSC World Cup - 3rd

7. MEGA.Conqueror (Thailand)

Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

MEGA have been a dominant force in SEA in 2019 | Image via @MEGAEsportsSEA

Teams from Thailand have enjoyed a good reputation in the PUBG Mobile scene, and MEGA.Conqueror have been one of the teams who have managed to impress. From their win at the PMCO Fall Prelims stage to their 3rd place finish at the actual event itself, MEGA have proved to be a dominant force, not just in SEA, but internationally as well. The team have managed to place in the top 5/top 6 in almost all the major tournaments they have played in and will be one of the favorites in the SEA region in 2020. 

Results: PMCO Fall - 3rd, PEC - 6th

6. RRQ Athena (Thailand)

Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

One of the giants from the SEA scene, it's hard to imagine a LAN without them | Image via @PUBG Mobile Esports

A prominent name in the PUBG Mobile scene, RRQ Athena were one of the first superstars in the title. They are still one of the heavyweights in the scene despite no major wins in 2019. One of RRQ's best moments was on the final day of the PMCO Fall SEA Finals, where the team bounced back to claim top spot. Overall the team were fairly consistent and placed in the top half on most occasions, but the expectation from them has always been a major trophy, a feat that the team will look to achieve in 2020. 

Results: PMCO Spring - 4th, PMSC World Cup - 2nd

5. Cloud 9 (USA)

Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

One of the most exciting teams to look forward to in 2020 will be Cloud 9 | Image via @pyrrhameep

One of the biggest organizations in all of esports, Cloud 9 makes their way into the top 5 of our ranking list. Undoubtedly the best North American teams currently, Cloud 9 has impressed with each passing LAN and their 4th place finish at the recently concluded PEC show just how much the team has matured in a short time. From a 10th place finish at PMCO Fall to two 4th place finishes at PMSC World Cup and PEC, Cloud 9 has developed a unique style and shown a very high level on understanding of the meta. At PEC, the team finished in the top 3 in 6 out 8 maps, a true testament to their tactical approach. Unfortunately, the gap in experience stems from the fact that they come from a region where the level of competition is lower. This could very well change in 2020, especially with some of the new plans PUBG Mobile has announced that will see more LANs at an international stage. Definitely one of the hottest teams to watch out for in 2020. 

Results: PEC - 4th, PMSC World Cup - 4th

4. 4 Angry Men (China)

Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

Relatively new to the mobile scene, 4AM have looked absolutely dominant in tournaments they've played in | Image via @VSPN_esports

There's very few teams in this list, who we've not seen throughout the year. However, 4 Angry Men are an exception as the only place where they shared a stage with international teams was PEC. But the team also won one of the most extensive and difficult competitions by placing 1st at the Peacekeeper Elite Professional League or PEL. They also finished second at PEC, just 2 points behind the winners, XQF. But it wasn't just the results, but just how good the team was, that affords them a place in the 4th spot. All 4 of their players featured in the top 5 list for highest fraggers at PEC and there's no doubt that 4AM are one of the strongest teams, hailing from one of the strongest regions in the world. In fact, 4AM's 33Svan is probably the only player who can challenge XQF's Paraboy for the contender of the best player at the moment. 

Results: PEC - 2nd, PEL - 1st

3. TOP Esports (China)

Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

TOP Esports were winners of the inaugural edition of the PUBG Mobile Club Open | Image via @PUBGMobile

PMCO Spring Split Champions, TOP Esports take the 3rd position on our list thanks to their consistency and all around performance in 2019. Not only did the team win the Spring edition, they almost managed to defend their title in the Fall Championship, but unfortunately had to settle for a second place finish. Taking part in the Fall edition did mean that the team had to opt out both the PEL and PEC so couldn't pad up their stats towards the end of the year. But it was still an exemplary year for the team and it will be certainly interesting to see how they manage to hold up in China, now that so many other teams are turning out to be serious contenders. 

Results: PMCO Spring - 1st. PMCO Fall - 2nd

2. Bigetron Esports (Indonesia)

Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

Indonesia's Bigetron are undoubtedly the best team in South East Asia currently | Image via @PUBG Mobile Esports

It's been an exemplary year for Indonesia's Bigetron Esports and the team has grown from strength to strength as the year progressed. No doubt that the biggest achievement for BTR was their dominating performance at the PMCO Fall Championship, but let's not forget that the team was kicking ass at domestically in the SEA League as well, where they won 3 out of 4 game weeks. Bigetron also placed 5th at PMCO Spring and have managed to develop a very unique, interesting and dominant playstyle that has allowed them to thrive. While Bigetron have been largely absent from some of the competitions which took place towards the end of the year, they still are deserving of the second place in our list.

Results: PMCO Fall - 1st, PMCO Spring - 5th

1. X-Quest Force (China)

Ranking the Top 10 Global PUBG Mobile Teams of 2019

China's XQF takes the number one spot in our rankings | Image via @VSPN_esports

There's little doubt as to who the number 1 team of 2019 was and China's XQF takes the top spot in our rankings. The team narrowly missed out on winning the Spring Championship but have struck back at both PEC and PEGI. They also finished second in PEL and boast the likes of Paraboy, a player widely considered to be the best player in the world currently. XQF's insane fragging power combined with their incredibly fast paced style makes them one of the toughest opponents out there and every a single player from the team has the potential to bring home the chicken dinner against all odds. 

Don't agree with our list? Let us know who your top 10 teams were in 2019 in the comments below. 

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