Z4pnu Explains Why Hito Underperformed in MPL PH Season 8 Week 1


Z4pnu Explains Why Hito Underperformed in MPL PH Season 8 Week 1

John Dave Rossel
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Omega Esports pro player Z4pnu explains why Hito underperformed in the first week of the MPL PH Season 8.
Hito was added very late to the main roster, giving them little time to prepare and practice.
Z4pnu stated that the team may be making more adjustments MPL PH Season 8 Week 2.

Omega Esports pro player Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso explains why Robert “Hito” Candoy underperformed in the first week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 8. It was very late when Hito was added to the roster, so they weren't prepared for the sudden roster switch, according to a vlog post by Z4pnu. The pro player added that they may be making more adjustments to prepare for their next game on MPL PH Season 8 Week 2. Z4pnu also added that fans won’t be seeing the star rookie Duane “Kelra” Pillas anytime soon due to his sanctions imposed by the league.

Z4pnu Reveals the reason behind Hito’s subpar performance in the MPL PH Season 8 Week 1

The former Execration squad had a rough opening in this MPL Season. The team suffered in the hands of ONIC PH during day 2. The new contender of MPL PH, ECHO, gave Omega Esports a massive upset during the final day of the first week of the season with a 2-0 clean sweep victory, in favor of ECHO.

One of the team’s veteran pro players, Z4pnu, enlightened the fans as to why Omega Esports suffered severely during the first week of the MPL Season. He stated that the team was caught off guard with the sudden changes to its main five.

It’s really hard to adjust now guys, especially Hito because he really was late on the practice due to the late decision of the team to add him,” stated Z4pnu. “A lot of things suddenly happened, and I don’t want to give reasons because it’s still a gg.

Z4pnu added that the team will recover from this predicament next week. However, there may be a few changes and improvements to be implemented.

We’ll do better on our next game but we’ll make adjustments,” stated Z4pnu. “Let’s see who will play next week because we’ll be having a meeting after dinner.

Hito keeps a positive attitude despite Omega Esports’ upsetting performance

After the heated match against Omega Esports and ONIC PH which resulted in a score of 1-2, in favor of ONIC PH, ONIC’s Gold Lane player Mark "Markyyyy" Capacio sent a message for Hito.

“Hito won’t be playing next week, so we gave him a chance. This is why we gave them one win,” stated Markyyyy.

In response to Markyyyy’s statement, Hito was asked by Z4pnu about his match against ONIC PH during day 2 of the MPL PH Season 8 Week 1. Hito jokingly answered that he was going easy on ONIC PH.

I was just checking my ping, I just gave them a chance,” Hito responded. “We’ll make judgments later.

Omega Esports will have their chance at redemption in the second week of the MPL PH Season 8 against RSG PH on 3rd Sept 2021 at 8:00 PM (PHT). It will be interesting to see if they will be able to impress the fans in their next match.

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