Youtuber Mrwhosetheboss Faces Backlash for Calling Pokemon UNITE a “Scam”

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Youtuber Mrwhosetheboss Faces Backlash for Calling Pokemon UNITE a “Scam”</p></div>

Youtuber Mrwhosetheboss Faces Backlash for Calling Pokemon UNITE a “Scam”


Popular tech YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss received backlash after using Pokemon UNITE as one of the examples of how mobile games scam its players.
Mrwhosetheboss claimed that Pokemon UNITE requires players to spend real-world money in order to quickly make progress in the game.
Various Pokemon UNITE content creators shared their responses to Mrwhosetheboss's video through social media.

One of the biggest tech YouTubers Arun Rupesh Maini, commonly known as Mrwhosetheboss recently received backlash from the Pokemon UNITE community for his video calling out various monetization mechanics in the game as a scam. The video presents a detailed explanation of how some mobile games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Pokemon UNITE, and Diablo Immortal, manipulate their players into purchasing premium in-game rewards in exchange for a much faster progression in the game. Shortly after this video, various Pokemon UNITE content creators expressed their disagreement with Mrwhosetheboss’s video. Some content creators also made their own response video explaining how the tech YouTuber was wrong in his statements.

Mrwhosetheboss explains the predatory nature of some mobile games

Mrwhosetheboss is a prominent tech YouTubers with a massive 11.8 million subscriber count. He recently received backlash from the Pokemon UNITE community for one of his recent videos explaining how some mobile games scam their players.

In the video titled "How mobile games are designed to SCAM you.", he used Pokemon UNITE as one of the examples, claiming that developers offer premium rewards such as a Battle Pass that players can purchase to unlock a plethora of rewards to help them progress faster than free players. This Battle Pass usually contains exclusive rewards such as Holowears, a cosmetic skin for various Pokemon in the game.

Additionally, Mrwhosetheboss also claimed that Pokemon UNITE requires players to spend a huge amount of money just to quickly upgrade items that can help improve their performance in matches. He also called out the game for allegedly hiding the real cost of in-game items by having multiple currencies in the game.

Pokemon UNITE's various currencies.

Pokemon UNITE content creators respond to Mrwhosetheboss’s video

The community got wind of Mrwhosetheboss’s video and shared their reaction through various social media platforms.

Pokemon UNITE content creator Krashy even made a video reacting to Mrwhosetheboss’s video.

Following the backlash, Mrwhosetheboss made a pinned comment on his video in response to the community’s negative reaction.

Mrwhosetheboss responded to the backlash.

He admitted that “Pokemon Unite is one of the less malicious Free-to-Play games in this genre.” However, he still believes that the game employs malicious strategies to earn money from its playerbase.

Mrwhosetheboss also apologized for missing out on a few key points in the upgrade system of the game. The game now allows players to upgrade to level 30 without paying money. Player progression is not locked behind a paywall.

Pokemon UNITE, just like every other mobile title has its own monetization strategies employed. However, the developers have balanced the game’s economy to allow free-to-play players to still be competitive and make progress without the need to spend money.

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