Here is how you can check Pokemon UNITE server status.


How to Check Pokemon UNITE Server Status

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Pokemon UNITE's Twitter page is proactive in letting players know about any upcoming maintenance that might affect servers.
Here is how you can check Pokemon UNITE server status.

Pokemon UNITE works as a live service game with an online multiplayer format. The developers are usually on top of keeping the game up and running, but sometimes players may experience trouble connecting to servers caused by outages. While there is no official way to check the server status, there are a few ways to know if the server may be down. If you face issues while trying to connect to Pokemon UNITE, here is how you can check Pokemon UNITE's server status.

Is Pokemon UNITE down? Check Pokemon UNITE Server Status

Usually if there is a large-scale server issue, the Pokemon UNITE Twitter account will tweet about it, informing players about an outage or any related issues. Usually when the server is facing issues players will get a “Network Error” message. So if you try to log on to the game and cannot sign in, your first stop should be the Twitter page for the game. If you find a tweet saying that UNITE is experiencing some larger server issues or maintenance, wait for some time. The developers usually communicate updates about the server state on Twitter. The account is also used to regularly update players about maintenance work and any downtime the game may experience before patches. The last patch version was released on 5th August. A new patch comes out roughly every two weeks for the game. For example:

While there is no official way apart from the Twitter updates on the Pokemon UNITE account, you can always try to do the following:

  • Make sure you have an active internet connection. If you’re on mobile data, try switching to a WiFi connection, if available.

  • Check for updates on the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Restart your internet connection and your device.

  • If you have a Nintendo Switch available, try accessing Pokemon UNITE on the Switch, along with your mobile phone.

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