“You are no longer a kid”: JokerOG Lashes Out at Ultron

Abhimannu Das
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Gourav "JokerOG" Joshi lashed out at Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi after allegedly being targeted with insults.
The feud between the players started during BGMI scrims and Ultron is yet to issue a response.
Despite the game being unavailable right now, players in the BGMI esports scene continue to be involved in controversies.

Gourav "JokerOG" Joshi lashed out at Hemanth “Ultron” Sethi and he was furious about how Ultron allegedly abused him. JokerOG said that Ultron lacks maturity and he needs to grow up. The feud between the players started during the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) scrims, and fans are waiting to see if Ultron responds to JokerOG’s comments.

JokerOG: “If you have a fan following, it doesn’t mean you are god” 

JokerOG claims that the ongoing controversy between him and Ultron is one-sided. He stated that he or his teammates have never disrespected Ultron, other BGMI players, or teams. The player was visibly upset and questioned how anyone gets the right to abuse others on a livestream.

He said, “My team or I never abused him (Ultron). Who do you think you are? Just because you have become an influencer, you don’t get to say anything you feel like in a stream. You should have some maturity as you are no longer a kid.”

JokerOG questioned Ultron’s position in the BGMI community. The controversy was allegedly started by Ultron during the ongoing BGMI scrims between JokerOG and Ultron’s teams. Ultron is yet to respond to JokerOG’s comments.

Despite BGMI  not even being available officially in India at the moment, due to a government-issued ban, the community continues to be ridden with controversy. There is a feud going on between Tanmay "Scout" Singh and Suraj Nityanand "Neyoo" Majumdar and even the pro scrims the teams are participating in are marred with alleged politics.

While some teams are still clinging to the hope of the game’s return, others are preparing for a scenario where BGMI does not return. It is unknown what the future looks like for BGMI but if you are a fan, there is plenty of drama to keep you occupied in the meanwhile.

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