Wild Rift Supreme Cells Event Sneak Peek


Wild Rift Supreme Cells Event Sneak Peek

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The Wild Rift Supreme Cells event is scheduled to kick off on 1st November.
The event will have a loot box mechanic and will feature new exclusive skins for Zed and Sett.
The Supreme Cells Kennen skin can be unlocked through a special pass.

Riot Games has provided players a sneak peek at what to expect in League of Legends: Wild Rift's upcoming Supreme Cells event. The event will begin in early November and will include new exclusive skins for the champions Kennen, Sett, and Zed. Riot Games said that the Supreme Cells event would have a loot box concept through which players will be able to obtain two of the exclusive skins as well as numerous random skins. Each box purchased in the event may contain a random skin, Poro Coins, or a Supreme Cells selection chest. The other exclusive skin may be obtained by purchasing a special pass using Wild Cores, Wild Rift's premium currency.

Wild Rift Supreme Cells Event details

The event will be released on 1st November at 12:01 AM (UTC) and will feature a loot box mechanic that promises a plethora of skins for players to acquire. There will be four tiers of random skin chests that can be acquired in one of the loot boxes with a small chance of acquiring a decent amount of Poro Coins.

  • Tier 2 Random Skin Chest

  • Tier 3 Random Skin Chest

  • Tier 4 Random Skin Chest

  • Supreme Cells Skin Self Selection Chest

  • 400 Poro Coins

According to Riot Games, players are guaranteed at least one skin chest with every 10 pulls they make. More details will be revealed when the event goes live.

The Supreme Cells Skin Self Selection Chest contains the exclusive skins for the champions Sett and Zed. A special pass will also be made available for purchase in the shop. After purchasing the item and logging in for a total of seven days, players will unlock the exclusive Supreme Cells Kennen skin.

Supreme Cells Kennen Skin

The pricing for the loot box and the special pass is yet to be revealed by Riot Games. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the near future.

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