Wild Rift Patch 3.5 Notes: New Events, Champions, and One For All Mode


Wild Rift Patch 3.5 Notes: New Events, New Champions, and One For All Mode

John Dave Rossel
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The Wild Rift Patch 3.5 update has been released featuring a ton of exciting new content and features for players to explore.
Two new champions - Aatrox and Kayn will be released on 17th November.
A new Wild Pass has also been released featuring the exclusive skin Supervillain Jhin.

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 3.5 update has officially arrived on the global server. The update will introduce two new champions within the month of November. The new ‘One For All’ game mode will also be released for a limited time starting on 18th November. A new set of Wild Pass rewards have also been added featuring a new Supervillain-themed exclusive skin for the champion Jhin. A plethora of quality-of-life updates will also be implemented along with new events to look forward to. A bunch of new in-game items have also been added to spice up the gameplay. 

New Champions

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade

Wild Rift New Champion Aatrox

Aatrox will be released on 17th November at 12:01 AM (UTC).

Kayne, the Shadow Reaper

Wild Rift New Champion Kayn

Kayne will be released on 17th November at 12:01 AM (UTC).

New Features

Gallery Skins

Players can now see their collection of skins based on the theme or skin sets:

  • Visit the Collection tab, you’ll see the “Skin Set” tab and “Champion” tab

  • In each tab, you’ll be able to view multiple skins for the same champion at once

  • Some skin lines will have special backgrounds

  • You’ll be able to display your Skin Sets in the Display Case on your profile.

  • You can also earn an exclusive title and a special effect to show off in your champion select if you complete an entire Skin Set.

Gallery Skin Set Preview

One For All

In this new game mode, players can vote for one champion that everyone on the team will be playing. 

The One For All game mode will open on 18th November at 12:01 AM (UTC) and end on 14th December at 12:01 AM (UTC).

Player Behavior

Added a new penalty type for players who are AFK in-game that will apply prior to queueing for a game;

  • This penalty will apply in the form of X amount of time for Y number of games.

  • When a player queues, if they have any remaining games, they will sit in a queue for X amount of time before they actually begin searching for a match.

  • Only once you accept a match and play out the game will your Y number of games decrease.

A new feature to Ranked Queue will also be introduced called the Matchmaking Avoid List:

  • Players in ranks Diamond and below will have the ability to add up to 3 other players to their Avoid List in the post-game lobby.

  • You will now have the option to add players to your Avoid List after leaving the post-game lobby.

When you add someone to your Avoid List:

  • You will no longer be matched with the Avoid Listed player on your team in the Ranked matchmaking mode.

  • The Avoid Listed player will remain on your Avoid List until the list resets.

  • The Avoid List will reset weekly every Monday.

The remake system has also been updated along with the removal of the All Chat feature;

  • The Remake vote will now auto trigger

  • The Remake will no longer require you to enter the menu and ‘start’ the Remake vote. Now, whenever a Remake vote becomes available, the vote will automatically start and appear on the players’ screens.

  • All Chat will be removed from all game modes starting this patch. There won’t be any changes made to the team or party chat.

Position Preference Rewards

  • Only in Ranked & Legendary Queue, for now, the feature may be expanded to other future queues.

  • Players will see it as a daily mission that they can fulfill up to 3x a day.

  • Players won’t always see this mission; it will only pop up when certain roles are needed in the queue.

  • When a player has the mission, if they select that role as their first pick they’re guaranteed to get it.

  • Players won’t receive any rewards if they get a punishment in that game, if say they go AFK or get detected as not playing the assigned role.

  • In Ranked Queue the reward will be 40 Hextech Energy. (Ranked Fortitude)

  • In Legendary Queue the reward will be 4 Legendary Points.

Wild Pass

This season's Wild Pass reward is the Supervillain Jhin. Players can also acquire his Ascended form through the Emporium shop which features additional visual effects.

Supervillain Jhin Wild Pass Skin Reward

The Will Pass will be available on 17th November at 12:01 AM (UTC).


Crystal Rose Promotion

Players will be able to purchase boxes in the store for Wild Cores and in each box they’ll be granted one of the following;

  • Crystal Rose Akali

  • Crystal Rose Riven

  • Crystal Rose Vi

  • Crystal Rose Mega Homeguard

  • Crystal Rose Recall

  • Crystal Rose Homeguard

  • Crystal Rose Akali Emote

  • Crystal Rose Riven Emote

  • Crystal Rose Vi Emote

  • Crystal Rose Bauble

  • Crystal Rose Token

  • Poro Coins

After the promotion, these skins will be vaulted, and shall be unavailable for purchase in the store, but they may return in the future. 

The Crystal Rose promotion will be available from 26th November at 12:01 AM (UTC) until 7th December at 11:59 PM (UTC).

The Crystal Rose Token Store will be available from 26th November at 12:01 AM (UTC) until 7th December at 11:59 PM (UTC).

New Items

[New] Horizon Focus

Build Path:

  • Fiendish Codex + Haunting Guise + 700g

  • Total Cost: 2800g


  • 80 Ability Power

  • 150 Health

  • 15 Haste

Passive - Hypershot:

  • When a non-targeted ability hits a champion at least 500 range away*, it applies one stack, and when you immobilize a champion, add 2 stacks.

  • Stacks last for 5 seconds.

  • After reaching 3 stacks, consume the stacks to deal 80 + 20% Ability Power magic damage and apply another stack.

[New] Lord Dominik’s Regard

Build path:

  • Last Whisper (1100g) + Cloak of Agility (1000g) + 1000g

  • Total cost: 3100g


  • 35 Attack Damage

  • 25% Crit chance

Passive - Last Whisper:

  • 16 - 30% Armor Penetration

Passive - Adrenaline:

  • Your first attack on a champion after being out of combat with champions has an 80% increased Attack Speed.

New Accessories

Wild Rift Patch 3.5 Accessories

  • Baubles: Inanimate; The Drama; Under One’s Breath; Page Turner; Deadeye; Put A Ring on It

  • Emotes: Pew! Pew!; BANG!; I’m Waiting; They love me!; Breathtaking!; Thanks, I tried!; Stop and Smell the Crystal Roses

  • Icons: Darkin Your Doorstep; Nightshade Jhin; Villainous Poro; Calling Card; The City’s Bane

  • Rift Emblems: Vandalized; HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?; Vibrant Villainy

  • Icon Borders: A Nightmare Rises; Hunter of Heroes

  • Custom Recalls: Evading Justice; To the secret lair!; The Last Dance

  • Profile Borders: Supervillain Rising; Ascending Villainy

  • Homeguard Trails: Woosh!; Shimmering Waltz

All accessories will be released throughout the patch

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