Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 8: Release Date, Rewards, Pricing, and More


Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 8: Release Date, Rewards, Pricing, and More

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The Wild Pass Season 8 will be released on 17th November.
The Wild Pass Season 8 exclusive skin is the Supervillain Jhin.
Players can also unlock the Ascended form for Supervillain Jhin through the Wild Pass Emporium Shop.

The upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 3.5 will soon arrive, introducing a plethora of exciting new content for players. The upcoming update will also contain the Wild Pass Season 8 featuring the exclusive skin Supervillain Jhin. The previous theme featured the Superhero Jayce skin so fans expected that the next set of rewards would be for the arch-nemesis. The upcoming Wild Pass Season 8 will be released alongside the Wild Rift Patch 3.5 update in mid November. Similar to the previous version, players can acquire an “Ascended” version of the Supervillain Jhin skin through the Wild Pass Emporium.

Wild Pass Season 8 start and end date

The Wild Pass Season 8 will be released shortly after the Wild Rift Patch 3.5 update on 17th November. Players will have around two months to acquire all the rewards before the event ends. In that regard, Wild Pass Season 8 will likely end on 20th January 2023.

Pricing and Rewards

The exclusive Supervillain Jhin skin will be made available in the upcoming Wild Pass along with the skin’s Ascended form which can be acquired through the Emporium exchange shop. Other cosmetics such as Baubles, Profile Icons, and Border will also be made available and exchanged using Wild Stars, a token acquired after each instance of 100 EXP earned in the progress bar.

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 8 Skin Reward

Players can choose to purchase either the Premium or the Elite Wild Pass. The premium version, priced at 590 Wild Cores, contains all the rewards available but the Elite version, priced at 990 Wild Cores, provides 20 bonus levels, equivalent to 200 Wild Stars. The Elite Wild Pass also upgrades the Random Skin chest from the premium version to a Lane Choice Random Skin Chest. This chest allows you to narrow down the reward pool to your preferred role in the game.

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 8 Emporium Shop

The Ascended Supervillain Jhin skin requires players to spend a total of 240 Wild Stars in the Wild Pass Emporium Shop to unlock.

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