Wild Rift Patch 3.1a: Full Notes and Updates


Wild Rift Patch 3.1a: Full Notes and Updates

John Dave Rossel
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The Wild Rift Patch 3.1a full notes and updates have been revealed.
The patch update reveals a new event along with the arrival of pajama guardian skins and accessories.
A few balance changes have also been implemented for various champions.

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 3.1a full notes and updates have been revealed by Riot Games. The patch update features new events, accessories, and new skins that players can expect to arrive soon. A few balance changes for champions, runes, and in-game items will also be implemented. The respawn timer has also been adjusted to add more challenge and make teamfights much riskier in matches. The testing phase for the Elemental Rift map update in Wild Rift will be closing soon. More information about the Wild Rift patch 3.1a full notes and updates can be found below.

New Modes

Elemental Rift

The playtesting for the next major map update will conclude on 10th April at 4:59 PM (PT).

New Skins

Pajama Guardian Skin Splash Art

These Pajama Guardian skins will arrive in Wild Rift on 14th April at 12:01 AM (UTC).

  • Pajama Guardian Lux

  • Pajama Guardian Ezreal

New Accessories

New Wild Rift Accessories
  • Icons: A Puzzling Reward

  • Emotes: Fast Asleep; Soon.

All accessories will be released throughout the patch.

New Events

Wild Puzzle

The Wild Puzzle event will kick off on 16th April at 12:01 AM (UTC). More details will be revealed at a later date.

Champion Changes

Jarvan IV

A slight buff to the attack speed provided by the Demacian Stand ability.

Demacian Stand

  • Attack Speed bonus: 15/20/25/30% → 20/25/30/35%


A slight nerf to Karma’s damage potential.

Inner Flame

  • Mantra bonus base damage: 70/160/250/340 → 70/150/230/310

Master Yi

Master Yi gets nerfed.

A massive nerf to Master Yi’s jungle clearing capabilities.

Alpha Strike

  • Bonus damage against monsters and minions: 90/125/160/195 → 80/110/140/170

  • Bonus damage ratio against monsters and minions hit by subsequent strikes: 100% → 25%

Nunu & Willump

A slight adjustment to Nunu & Willump’s durability and damage potential.

Base Stats

  • Armor per level: 3.5 → 3.9


  • Damage AP ratio: 50% → 65%

Snowball Barrage

  • Damage per snowball: 7/10/13/16 (+3% AP) → 8/12/16/20 (+4% AP)

Absolute Zero

  • Minimum base damage: 125/190/255 → 130/190/250

  • Maximum damage: 625/950/1275 (+250% AP) → 715/1045/1375 (+275% AP)

  • Maximum charge multiplier: 5 → 5.5


A slight nerf to Olaf’s damage potential.

Reckless Swing

  • Base damage: 70/130/190/250 → 60/120/180/240


Base Stats

  • Health per level: 105 → 115

  • Health at level 15: 2120 → 2260

Cull the Meek

  • Healing per enemy hit: 6/9/12/15 → 4/6/8/10 + 8% Bonus Attack Damage

  • Enhanced healing per enemy hit: 18/27/36/45 → 12/18/24/30 + 24% Bonus Attack Damage


A slight nerf to Vayne’s dame potential.

Night Hunter

  • Final Hour bonus movement speed: 90 → 70

Final Hour

  • Bonus Attack Damage: 30/40/50 → 20/30/40


A slight buff to Veigar’s stun ability.

Event Horizon

  • Cooldown: 18/17/16/15s → 16/15/14/13s


A slight adjustment to Vi’s base stats.

Base Stats

  • Base Attack Damage: 58 → 64

ARAM Changes

Warmog’s Armor

  • Max health healing ratio per second: 5% → 2.5%

Item Changes

Blade of the Ruined King

  • Total cost: 3100g → 3200g

  • Combine cost: 1000g → 1100g

Monster Changes

Baron Nashor

  • Base health: 10800 → 11800

  • Acid Shot damage: 20 + 120% Attack Damage → 120 + 25% Attack Damage

  • Acid Shot damage ratio to targets hit by subsequent shots: 70% → 50%

System Changes

Homeguard Buff

  • Movement speed effect: After 12 mins, gain 30% movement speed for 4s → After 1 min, gain 40% movement speed until the game ends

Minion movement speed

  • Movement speed bonus at 12 minutes: 40 → 10

  • Maximum movement speed bonus: 120 → 100

Respawn Timer

Base respawn timer

  • 9 mins - 11 mins: 32s → 33s

  • 11 mins - 13 mins: 38s → 40s

  • 13 mins - 15 mins: 45s → 47s

Respawn modifier

  • Maximum modifier: 25% → 15%

Free-to-Play Champion Rotation

  • Apr 7 - Apr 14: Diana, Draven, Fizz, Jarvan IV, Jhin, Karma, Kayle, Rakan, Rengar, Shen

  • Apr 14 - Apr 21: Akshan, Amumu, Janna, Miss Fortune, Rammus, Riven, Sett, Sona, Tristana, Yasuo

The Wild Rift Patch 3.1a may prove significant for champions such as Master Yi who received a massive nerf to its jungle clearing speed.

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