NAVI Wild Rift Team Banned From the WREC 2022 Due to Account Sharing


NAVI Wild Rift Team Banned From the WREC 2022 Due to Account Sharing

John Dave Rossel
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NAVI has been disqualified from the WREC 2022 due to a ringing violation (account sharing).
NAVI's coach was the one proven guilty of violating the rule regarding account sharing.
NAVI's Wild Rift pro players will receive a 3-month ban while its coach will receive a 6-month ban from participating in official Wild Rift esports events.

Natus Vincere (NAVI) has been disqualified from participating in the League of Legends: Wild Rift Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Championship (WREC) 2022 due to violating the rule regarding account sharing, also known as “Ringing.” According to the official statement by the tournament organizer, the team’s head coach was allegedly caught sharing his account with a third party to compete in the tournament. Due to this, NAVI is no longer allowed to continue competing in the WREC Last Chance Qualifier. Its pro players will also receive a three-month ban while its coach will receive a six-month ban from all official Wild Rift esports tournaments.

NAVI’s Wild Rift coach guilty of ringing amidst WREC 2022

According to the official Twitter post of Wild Rift Esports EMEA, NAVI has been penalized due to violating one of Wild Rift’s Global Competition Policy. The report stated that NAVI’s coach and substitute player Vladimir “NAVI OSPREAY” Gonchar was caught sharing his account during the team’s match against VIV Esports in the WREC 2022 on 13th March.

“Natus Vincere has violated section 8.2.7 Ringing of the League of Legends: Wild Rift Global Competition Policy”

Following this, NAVI’s Wild Rift Pro Players - Hoang "Phi" Thi, Cezar "Vex" Nedelcu, Wahil "YeQiu" Hassani, Kirill "Hydro" Sitnikov, and Frederik "Schow" Morthorst will receive a three-month ban from all official Wild Rift esports events while its coach OSPREAY will receive a six-month ban.

NAVI is yet to find its momentum in the Wild Rift esports scene. The team previously finished 5th place in the Wild Rift: Origin Series 2021, last year’s official Wild Rift Circuit for the EMEA region. With the team being penalized and unable to participate in official Wild Rift events, NAVI may miss out on qualifying for the upcoming Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022.

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