Wild Rift Lunar Banquet Event: All You Need to Know


Wild Rift Lunar Banquet Event: All You Need to Know

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Wild Rift reveals the Lunar Banquet Event featuring the arrival of the new champion, Sett.
The event will start on 26th Jan and will last until 22nd Feb 2022.
The event will provide players with a ton of Poro Coins and Blue Motes alongside event-exclusive icons and emotes.

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, Riot Games will release the League of Legends: Wild Rift Lunar Banquet event on 26th Jan and it shall last until 22nd Feb. The event will provide players with a ton of Poro Coins to fill up their Poro Meter and unlock a random free skin. Players will have to unleash their culinary skills in the Wild Rift Lunar Banquet event as they fill up the empty table with delicious meals using the ingredients provided in the game. Players can also open up red envelopes during the Wild Rift Lunar Banquet event which may contain up to 388 Poro Coins, a special in-game emote, or a profile icon.

Wild Rift Lunar Banquet event details

Banquet Table

The event tasks players into collecting ingredients to prepare dishes for the Lunar Banquet. All players will start with five free ingredients while the rest of the ingredients can be acquired by completing event missions.

The more dishes you make, the more rewards you can acquire.

Lunar Banquet Table Preview

Lunar Banquet Table Preview

Players can also share their dishes on social media by tapping on the share button at the lower right corner of the event interface. Sending gifts to other players will also decorate your banquet table with various ornaments.

Banquet Table Missions

Each set of missions will be released every four days for the Wild Rift Lunar Banquet event. There will also be repeatable missions to keep players busy after completing the main event missions.

Main Missions

Repeatable Missions

Every four days, a new mission will replace the previous repeatable mission.

Banquet Table Rewards

Here are the rewards that players can acquire in the event;

After placing six dishes on the table, players can aim to complete all 10 missions to receive a permanent spawn tag.

Envelope Tree

Aside from the Lunar Banquet event, players can head to the Envelope tree tab and open up some fortune envelopes. These envelopes contain a random amount of Poro Coins and Blue Motes.

Envelope Tree Preview

Envelope Tree Preview

There will be two types of Envelopes; the standard and the premium version. Players will acquire a random envelope in the event.

Here are the rewards you can acquire in the Envelope Tree event;

Each standard envelope that players receive will increase the chance of acquiring a premium envelope in the next draw.

Riot Games is definitely hyping up the Chinese New Year celebration with bountiful rewards in the Wild Rift Lunar Banquet Event.

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