Victor Leaves BTK as MobaZane and FwydChickn Looks to Join a New Team


Victor Leaves BTK as MobaZane and FwydChickn Look To Join a New Team

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The NA team BloodThirstyKings may be disbanding as MobaZane and FwydChickn are looking to join a new team.
According to MobaZane, no team wanted to acquire Victor, leaving the team with no choice but to leave him behind.
It’s still unclear which teams the remaining BTK squad will join for the M4 Qualifiers in NA.

The North American (NA) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team BloodThirstyKings (BTK) may not be able to compete in the upcoming M4 World Championship. Due to internal conflicts, three of the original members have left the team, including one of its co-founders Victor (also known as Carti). The remaining members are looking to join another team as they couldn’t find suitable members to rebuild the BTK squad. One of the players, Ian "FwydChickn" Hohl, explained that Victor left to find his own path because no team wanted to take the pro player. The team captain Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun also revealed that BTK might be disbanding.

BTK disbanding to find a team for M4 Qualifiers

The iconic BTK squad that defeated one of the strongest teams in the Philippines, Blacklist International, may be disbanding. Through a livestream, MobaZane explained that two of its members previously left.

“Zia made his own squad and went Gold Lane [Role], Shark wanted to play with Hoon and Basic,” MobaZane said.

According to the BTK captain, the team struggled to find new members that could synergize with their playstyles. Because of this, the remaining members decided to try out for the Mexican team New Wave. However, this plan was met with another issue.

According to MobaZane, “As of lately, we’ve heard that Mexicans can’t actually join M4 [qualifiers for NA].”

There is a separate qualifier for teams in Latin America (LATAM). However, MobaZane and FwydChickn stated that they won’t be heading to another region just to join a team. It also did not help that no team wanted to acquire Victor, which left the BTK squad to take the decision to leave Victor just to join a new team.

“We’ll [join] TV [Team Valley] but again there is no room for Victor,” MobaZane said.

Victor shared on his YouTube channel that he felt betrayed by the decision made by his two teammates.

Victor shared that he felt betrayed by MobaZane and FwydChickn's decision.

It’s still unclear which teams the remaining BTK squad will join for the M4 Qualifiers in North America. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates.

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