BTK Victor Shares Why He Prefers BTK as an Independent Team


BTK Victor Shares Why He Prefers BTK as an Independent Team

John Dave Rossel
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BTK Victor prefers his MLBB team to remain as an independent squad.
Victor stated that he likes it that way because he doesn't need to be brand-friendly on his streams.
Victor stated that he is aware that some people hate him for his unapologetic attitude and he doesn't care.

North America’s (NA) BloodThirstyKings (BTK) is one of the most popular Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) teams in the world. Despite having no esports organizations supporting the squad, it managed to secure a third-place finish at the M3 World Championship. The team has also amassed a large following after its journey to the Philippines where the players interacted with their fans and the team had a showmatch against the 31st SEA Games MLBB Gold Medalist, Blacklist International’s Sibol squad. While sponsorships and organizations are important to fund a team’s necessities in the esports scene, BTK’s substitute player Victor (also known as Carti) stated that he prefers if the team stays away from any corporate matters.

BTK Victor prefers to have the freedom to do what he wants in his own content

Victor is known to be a free-spirited member of BTK. Some fans find him disrespectful at times due to his blunt attitude, but he was one of the players who spearheaded the NA squad to a third-place finish at the M3 World Championship.

In Victor’s recent stream, he revealed that the team split its winnings from the tournament which is one of the things he liked about being in an independent team. “We all got like $17,000 dollars, each of us. That’s the good thing about not having an organization,” he explained.

He added that “It’s homegrown, we built it, and there’s nobody controlling us.”

As the third-placed team of the M3 World Championship, BTK went home with an $80,000 USD prize pool. During the tournament, the team was a five-man squad with no coaches or substitute players.

In addition to dividing their winnings equally, Victor also stated he doesn’t need to be brand-friendly just to satisfy various sponsorships or esports organizations.

“This is why I get to behave like myself and I’m not “PR-trained,” know what I’m saying?” he stated. “If I was signed to an organization, I would have to go on stream and like not curse and stuff.”

The BTK substitute player also explained that he is aware that some people hate him for his unapologetic attitude. “I know more people on this earth dislike me than like me which is completely fine but I’m never gonna change, bro,” he said.

He asserted that he doesn’t care how much hate he gets and that he will always stay true to himself.

BTK’s new squad has expanded with a few substitute players including Victor. The team also signed a former member of ECHO Jason “Jay” Rafael Torculas (also known as Jaymeister). With a new and improved roster, the team shall vie for a spot in the upcoming M4 World Championship and aim to win the championship title.

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