V33Wise duo Believes that the New MPL PH Season 9 Rule is "Weird"


V33Wise Duo Thinks the New MPL PH Season 9 Rule Is "Weird"

John Dave Rossel
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Blacklist International's V33Wise duo thinks that the new MPL rule reduces the surprise factor that each team has to deal with in the MPL PH Season 9.
According to Rule 5.3.1 of the MPL Rulebook, teams are required to submit their active rosters and starting lineups during each tournament split.
The V33Wise duo stated that back during the M3 World Championship, the teams' starting lineups weren't revealed until 20-30 minutes before the match started.

Blacklist International’s star players Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna and Danerie James “Wise” del Rosario, widely known as the V33Wise duo, share their sentiments regarding the new rule imposed in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9. While the dynamic duo is currently enjoying their hard-earned break, they still frequently release content on their respective YouTube Channels. In one of OhMyV33NUS’s videos, they discussed the rule in the MPL PH Season 9 that requires a team to submit its active roster including its starting lineup. According to the V33Wise duo, this may remove the surprise factor that teams had to anticipate in past seasons.

V33Wise duo share their opinions regarding the new MPL rule

While the dynamic duo discussed the Week 2 performance of each team in the MPL PH Season 9, the pro players also mentioned the new rule imposed by the league.

“For me, this (new rule) ruins the surprise factor (of matches),” said Wise.

According to Rule 5.3.1 of the MPL Rulebook, teams are required to submit their active rosters and starting lineups during each tournament split. Furthermore, shifting the starting lineup for the next match will require teams to send a request one day before the start of the next broadcast or livestream of the said match, as stated in Rule 5.3.1.

Wise added that during the previous seasons, Blacklist International had to deal with a lot of possible drafting strategies depending on which players would be playing on the opposing team. The teams' lineups for the match series would only be revealed 20 to 30 minutes before the match started.

“Actually, even on M3 (World Championship) when we were facing RRQ, we never knew who will be playing there, will it be Skylar, or Sheen, to the point we made two drafts, we made a lot of drafts,” echoed OhMyV33nus.

Wise further elaborated that if teams already know who they will be facing then they wouldn’t be surprised and could potentially prepare the right drafting strategy to counter the opposing team.

OhMyV33nus continued that the teams in the MPL PH Season 9 have been constantly shifting their lineups. With the new rule implemented, it ruins the surprise factor that potentially adds to the challenges that each team had to overcome.

“Personally, I think this is the first time it happened. For me, it’s (the new rule) weird,” stated OhMyV33nus.

While the V33Wise duo thinks that this rule may make matches more predictable, teams competing in the MPL PH Season 9 will have to find a way to make their drafts more difficult to predict as we move forward into the fourth week of the regular season.

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