Team OP Penalized For Inciting Religious Discourse


Team OP Penalized for Inciting Religious Discourse

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The Singaporean team, Team OP, received a penalty for inciting religious discourse against Geek Fam during a livestreamed ranked match.
The team will receive negative 10 points in the upcoming MPL SG Season 3 and some of its members are banned from participating in official MLBB esports events.
Team OP issued an apology to the community and Geek Fam for its pro players' unprofessional behavior.

The official page of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Singapore (SG) penalized Team OP for inciting religious discourse towards Geek Fam players. According to the MPL SG, some players from Team OP were caught arguing and disrespecting their opposing team in a ranked match that was livestreamed on 28th March. This resulted in the said players being penalized for their unprofessional behavior. Team OP will also receive a point deduction in the upcoming regular season of the MPL SG Season 3. MPL SG ended its statement by saying that players should exercise social responsibility and refrain from harassing other players online.

Team OP players banned from official MLBB events due to unprofessional behavior

The official statement of the MPL SG stated that during a ranked match livestream Team OP players were caught trash-talking Geek Fam members. The arguments went wild when Wendall Sean “DarA” Tan, Jackie “PA” Lee, and Goh “Ryeb” Wei En made inappropriate comments with regards to religion.

The MPL SG issued a statement explaining the issue and the penalties that Team OP shall receive in response to its members’ unprofessional behavior.

“Professionalism and ethical behavior are part of our core principles in shaping healthy competition amongst our players and community,” they wrote. “Let’s build a harmonious ecosystem together and develop esports into a platform we can be proud of.”

Team OP’s pro players - DarA, PA, and Ryeb, received a two-year ban from participating in any official MPL and Mobile Legends esports events. Randall “BUSH” Tay Guan Pin will also receive a one-year ban from any MLBB esports event for reportedly instigating the argument toward Geek Fam players.

The team will also receive a 10 point deduction in the MPL SG Season 3 for mismanaging its pro players.

TEAM OP issues official statement following MPL SG penalty

Following the post made by MPL SG, Team OP also posted its official statement on its Instagram handle. “We deeply regret that some of our players have engaged in unacceptable and inexcusable conduct during a ranked game and have fallen far short of the standards of conduct that we have set for them,” it read.

Team OP's official statement.

Its pro players also apologized to the community and Geek Fam for any negative comments made during the livestream.

The MPL SG Season 3 will officially start on 2nd April. Team OP will need to double their efforts in earning points as they will start the regular season with negative 10 points on the leaderboard due to the penalty imposed by the league.

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