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SPower Reveals Why He Left GodLike Esports

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In a recent livestream, SPower revealed that it was his parents’ decision, and that he decided to take their advice and leave the organization.
Furthermore, he claimed he was in GodLike Esports without any contract.

Rudra “SPower” Rb is one of the youngest BGMI content creators and has already made his name as a professional player in various smaller tournaments. He became a part of GodLike Esports after the organization signed him in November 2021. However, eleven months later, he left the organization in September 2022.

In a recent interview with AFK Gaming, SPower revealed that he had to leave the organization due to some misunderstandings. He held back on saying more but praised everyone he had worked with in the organization, particularly Abhijeet “GHATAK” Andhare. However, in a recent livestream, the player revealed the reason behind him leaving GodLike.

SPower says his parents asked him to leave GodLike

When a viewer asked him why he left GodLike, SPower revealed that it was his parents’ decision, and he decided to listen to them. He further stated that he was a part of GodLike for a long time, even before Ghatak and Jonathan joined the organization. He also claimed that he was in GodLike without any contract.

“Honestly, this was my parent’s decision and not mine. I thought I should listen to my parents. I have been in GodLike since before Ghatak and Jonathan joined,” said SPower. He later added, “I was in GodLike for two years without any contract. Two years without a contract is not a joke.”

He further said that he could have left GodLike whenever he wanted as he was not bound by any contract, but he did not leave. He further stated that he only left when his parents asked him to leave. “It was my parents’ decision. My parents told me, and I agreed to it. I could have left whenever I wanted, but I only left when my parents asked me,” he said.

Another viewer asked him whether he tried to convince his parents, so he said that he asked them, but it was the first time they asked anything from him. “Ofcourse, I asked them why they wanted me to leave GodLike, but they are my parents. It was the first time they asked me to do something, so I agreed to it,” he added.

SPower is currently streaming on his YouTube channel without any sponsor branding on his streams. However the YouTube description of his latest streams still contains ‘#Godlike’ in it.

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