Spower Gaming Talks About His Esports Journey, Support From Parents, and Future Plans

Study -> Grind -> Stream -> Tuition -> Repeat

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Spower Gaming Interview

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Spower Gaming talks about his short yet promising career in Indian esports during an interview with AFK Gaming.
Spower spoke about how he manages to juggle between studies, gaming, streaming, and all other responsibilities that a fifteen-year-old might face.
Spower Gaming has already been a part of GodLike Esports, built his own audience online, and is now grinding harder than ever for better future opportunities.

Esports is picking up pace in India with multiple teams and players across titles making their way to international tournaments. Success stories like Tanmay "Scout" Singh and Naman "Mortal" Sandeep Mathur have already started inspiring the next generation of gamers who are ready to be involved in Indian gaming in various ways including content creation, streaming, or competitive play.

One such individual who has shone bright with his excellent gaming skills in PUBG Mobile and BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) from the age of thirteen is Rudra B more popularly known as Spower Gaming.

Spower has already proven himself as a top-tier athlete, also growing as an exuberant streamer slowly cultivating his own audience, and laying a solid foundation for his journey ahead in Indian esports.

AFK Gaming recently caught up with Spower Gaming to learn about his already two-year-long journey of grinding, competing, and streaming, all while balancing his education, homework, and other responsibilities that an average fifteen-year-old will need to tackle.

Spower Gaming - Carving a future in Indian esports

Spower’s journey started two years ago at the age of thirteen. “I did not start gaming with a mindset that I wanted to become an esports player or content creator. What I have achieved today is just an outcome of my hard work, I simply played and kept receiving the fruits of my labor,” he said.

Spower initially started his gaming journey by borrowing his mother's mobile. This changed after his parents decided to reward him with a personal mobile phone after he performed well in his school.

“I got a normal mobile phone, the one that dad used previously,” says Spower, “There was no such deal on the table that a device would be given if I scored well. I simply requested one from my parents with a promise that I will continue to be good at my studies.”

“My parents realized that I have the potential to do something in esports and they provided me with everything to kickstart my journey,” said Spower, “They continue supporting me still and so I have never really faced any problems in my career thus far.”

Spower got a device after scoring good marks in school

His gameplay impressed a lot of people and within a short time multiple upstart teams began to notice his potential. Within no time Spower began to take his first steps in Indian esports by competing in amateur tournaments, to start his climb up the ladder.

“I kept joining teams and continued to play. This is when I started to see a path for myself down this lane, that I can seriously pursue esports and this has the potential to be my career,” explained Spower.

With his show-stopping performances across various tournaments, heads slowly started to turn and many began to notice his potential.

“I had single-handedly wiped a squad (four players) during a tournament,” Spower recollects, “After which the opponents had reached out to me and this is how my connections started growing. They invited me to play scrims and I started to climb the ladder, better players and teams taking notice of my talent.”

The pan India lockdown during the global pandemic proved to be a blessing in disguise for Spower whose esports career gained serious momentum during this period. With his education shifting online, he got more time on his hands than ever to invest in gaming.

“The lockdown started soon after I entered the tier one circuit, school was done online for about 3-4 hours in the morning after which I played games, until the evening tuitions,” said Spower, adding that he had shifted to private schooling now so that he has enough time on his hands to handle his esports and streaming career.

“I just used to chill and stream, there was no particular motive behind it initially,” said Spower, “Later on, I got to know that even this could be turned into something serious that would bolster my career in esports. So I started thinking about getting noticed by people through my streams but it never killed my enjoyment, I continued building my audience.”

Spower’s biggest breakthrough came when GodLike Esports signed him as a content creator, in November 2021. Eleven months and nearly 10 Million total video views later, he left the organization in September 2022.

“I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed my experience with GodLike, but due to some misunderstandings I had to leave,“ stated Spower. He refrained from sharing more but spoke highly of everyone he had interacted with in the organization, especially Abhijeet “GHATAK” Andhare.

Spower during his time with GodLike Esports

Spower is not in any rush to find a new home for himself. For now, he wants to be a freelance player till he turns 16 after which he will evaluate and choose his new organization depending upon the offers he receives.

With no commitments to any organizations and no plans on joining any teams for about a year, Spower is grinding hard and is happy to stream his gameplay, expanding his reach through his content, while looking after the community he has built over the years. “I don’t have any specific aims or goals when it comes to streaming. All I want to do is stream daily and stay consistent by doing it regularly,” he said.

In a short note about his future, the dextrous gamer said that his ultimate goal was to be counted amongst the best esports players in the country. Spower stated that he is motivated to compete professionally which takes precedence even over content creation and streaming for him.

Still in his early teens, Spower has already ticked a lot of checkboxes that prove his potential to be a top-level esports athlete down the road. We will be on the lookout for him in Indian esports to see if his drive and talent take him far.

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