Soul Amit Responds to a Fan's Statement Regarding Goblin

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Team Soul Hector, Goblin, Omega, Akshat and Neyo</p></div>
Team Soul Hector, Goblin, Omega, Akshat and Neyo


Soul Amit responded to one of the fans’ statement.
He also revealed the importance of giving every player on the team an opportunity to play.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 has been a thrilling tournament so far. The fight between experienced teams and the new teams has been amazing. 

Team Soul, one of the experienced teams in the tournament, has not performed as per the expectations of the fans and the viewers. Other than a few matches the team’s performance in this tournament has been mediocre. 

On Day 3 of the Launch Week, to everyone's surprise, Team Soul benched its Most Valuable Player (MVP) and performer Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal. Soul Amit then responded to the fans with regards to this decision.

Soul Amit responds to fans regarding Goblin’s omission on Day 3

Team Soul was able to grab only 16 points from Day 3 which was the lowest in comparison to the previous two days. 

Soul Amit “Amit” Dubey had revealed that Goblin was benched to give Naman “Neyo” an opportunity to play on Lan. The decision had nothing to do with Goblin’s performance but was solely to give Neyo an experience of playing a LAN event.

In a recent live stream of  Amit’s, one of the fans wrote “Goblin is a must”. In response to this statement Amit said, “I understand Goblin is an important player. But writing 'Goblin is a must' will not guarantee his performances”. 

He also mentioned that giving hate to any of Team Soul’s players will not bring about the performance expected from them. “Fans need to understand that this tournament and its format and schedule is different from others and we have to see what's best for the team." 

S8UL Siddhant “Sid” Joshi had also shared his thoughts on the matter and said that, when there are five players in a team, giving game time to each player is important especially if a player is lacking LAN experience

Team Soul had an average performance on Day 1 of BGMS Season 2 League Week, and is currently placed at the 10th spot with 17 total points. Fans expect their favorite team to dominate this week and grab the spot for Super Weekend 1.

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